In our fast-paced, always-connected and sleep-deprived world, our need for a good night’s sleep is more important than ever. Sleeping well is just as important as eating well. Your physical and mental being can only function properly if you sleep properly. Personally, If I don’t have a good night sleep, I’m the worse version of myself; Snappy, disengaged and tired looking. Let’s face it, no amount of make up can hide tired looking eyes or dull skin. On the other hand, when I wake up feeling rested; I thrive. I’m creative, I’m positive, I’m happier, funny and my relationships with others improve. Also, my skin looks luminous and it has a natural glow. If there is one secret to beauty, that secret is “beauty sleep”.

In my working life I used to try to fit in by doing what everyone else in the career ladder seemed to be doing; dismissing sleep as a waste of time. This is thankfully no longer the case as we have come to realize that the dismissal of sleep as time wasted compromises our health, our decision-making and undermines our work and personal lives. Individuals looking to improve their sleep may look to supplements like CBD, which you can read more about over at, to help them clear their mind and settle down for bed after a long day at work. Many companies with a strong commitment to employee wellness such as Google or The Huffington Post have installed nap rooms. A wise practice too, as lack of sleep means lost productivity.

Back to dancing and back to my healthy self after sleeping like a baby every day

And why am I talking about sleep with such a passion you may wonder, well, I wasn’t sleeping great for the last 6 months and I was struggling. I didn’t know what it was and did put the blame on the usual suspects; coffee, coke, chocolate, stress. That was until my brother came to visit and pointed it out:  It’s your mattress. Why don’t you throw it away and buy a good quality mattress?

It suddenly dawn on me all the money I had spent on unnecessary things like a new bag or a new pair of shoes or a new dress when the thing I needed the most, I had neglected. Our beds are the sanctuaries where we spent between 6 to 8 hours a day if not more so why not just invest in the best we can have? You will not feel as if you are indulging in something unnecessary, because you are actually investing in your health and your body. Sleeping well after a day of non-stop activity is definitely one of the pleasures of life.

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