When “The Revenant” was out on general cinema release, I reviewed the film and wrote about it from a female perspective. I’m a hopeless cinephile and I really wanted to love The Revenant but I wasn’t feeling it. It felt masculine, violent, and an slightly exhausting experience.Despite all its achievements aesthetically I wasn’t sure I could see the movie again. Forward a few months later, and BT TV gets in touch as the film is now available on BT Store  , where you can find new blockbusters available to buy and rent.

Leonardo Di Caprio in The Revenant

Watch The Revenant again? a two and a half hour movie? I wasn’t that convinced.  However, i really wanted to give it another try and check out for myself how such a cinematic piece of work translates to a smaller screen. BT TV organised an evening screening at the iconic BT Tower and promised that after the screening, we would go the famous 34th floor of the tower to check out the stunning London views. That was an extra motivation to attend as the BT Tower was the only iconic high rise London building I hadn’t been to. I took my brother as a guest, he is a highly intelligent guy with the eye of an eagle who would never say something is good unless it is really good. I was looking forward to his verdict from a male perspective.

Sweet and Salty treats to take into the very comfy screening room at the BT tower

When the lights came down and twenty minutes into the movie I got an art movie sort of feeling. A feeling similar to the one I had, the first time I saw Andrei Tarkovsky “Stalker”. The Revenant has depth, character and it talks about an uncomfortable truth for many Americans: The massacre of indigenous tribes. The landscapes are stunning and shot after shot the movie transports you to a world very far away from the one you inhabit.The film was shot using natural lighting and that adds realism to it, this is a film that feels real, too real sometimes.  When the movie finished, I asked my brother what he thought of it and when he gave me his verdict, adding: It is a good movie. I knew I may have been wrong before in judging the film a bit too soon, because leaving the BT screening room, I was also feeling I had just experienced an artistic process . “The Revenant”is epic and challenging but ultimately a rewarding cinematic experience.

At the 34th floor of the BT Tower

And so we finally got on a lift and to the 34th floor of the BT tower where a little party was waiting for us all.  Having been in The Shard, The Heron Tower and The Gherkin as well as The Big Ben,  I can tell you, this is the place with the best views of London.

Spectacular views from the 34th floor.

Since the tower is right in central London you get a 360 degree view of the city thanks to its rotating restaurant. There was food, drinks and a fun photo booth with a Revenant theme.After watching a film with a heavy subject matter, the party really did help to smooth feelings.



Overall, it was a great evening, really well organised and Im thankful I got to see this film again and to experience the 34th floor of the BT Tower, a building that is 50 years old but extremely well looked after and rather beautiful with a 60’s feel to it.