Hello new mums to be, pregnant ladies going through the first trimester of your pregnancy . Today I wanted to share with you the 1st of a three part video I’m currently filming while recording my 9 month journey.As I write this, I’m currently in the second trimester of my first pregnancy.At 3 months expect no visible baby bump, however it is during this 12 weeks that your body is going through incredible changes. Some women have uncomfortable symptoms such as morning sickness, others, have no symptoms. I belong to this group. Initially I  was worried as had zero symptoms but as the midwife told me: Consider yourself lucky for that.

Happy pregnancy to you all and even if you are going through awful morning sickness it will all be worth it in the end. As for those who like me, are still waiting for cramps, crazy mood swings, food cravings or swollen legs…well they haven’t made an appearance yet so let’s hope they never will. Wherever you feel tired just remember “no pain, no gain”and nothing more beautiful than seeing your little baby growing and growing inside your womb. All I can say is that pregnancy is a positive and rewarding experience and that you will feel extremely happy and content as you wait for your baby to arrive.Here is the video of my first 3 moths. Keep an eye for the article coming soon with more tips and in a few weeks time, a second trimester video will be out.