The second trimester of your pregnancy spans from week 13 to 28 weeks. They call it the “Honey Moon” period. It makes sense as this is no doubt, the best trimester – I’m currently 36 weeks (9 months) as I write this-For the first 3 months you are quite cautious with yourself and your body. They are delicate months where no one but you can notice the changes going on inside. The first time  I was told there was a heart beat, I was 8 weeks, by then my little baby was just the size of a tiny peanut. Literally.But what a special moment that was!. My advice to all new mums out there eager to see a bump, eager to feel the kicks; relax and treasure every single moment as you see your peanut grow into a full baby. Dear Mum, this is your time!


  • This is the trimester where you will finally see a baby bump

If for the first 3 months, it is sometimes difficult to believe you are expecting a baby as the changes are not yet noticeable on the outside. During the course of the second trimester, it all becomes very real as you will see your baby bump growing.It starts with a small change in the size of your belly, but by the time week 28 arrives, things have changed massively and that beautiful bump of yours is now blossoming and carrying the most precious thing in your life: Your baby.

  • You attend your 20 week scan and learn whether you are having a boy or a girl

This scan is also called”Anomaly scan” as it checks for anomalies in the baby. As soon as I heard the magical words “It all looks great”, I was relieved. Somehow I thought the fact that I was having such a healthy , problem- free pregnancy was because a little warrior was inside me. Then, the night before, I thought in how great it would be to have a little girl and how blessed would I feel having a baby girl as my first child. All my wishes did come true when the sonographer said loud and clear: It’s a girl !It was such a happy moment, such an exciting time, it now makes me emotional thinking in that day: The day I knew I was having a little “She” warrior. A  future strong little Miss with a personality of her own.  From week 20 onwards,  I saw my baby girl growing little by little inside me, giving me precious moments such as the time I first felt her moving.Advice to new mums out there: Never ever miss your medical check ups or antenatal appointments. No excuses.


  • You feel your baby moving for the first time 

The first time I felt her moving I was 22 weeks, I had just eaten and it felt as if a little fish in my stomach was opening her mouth to grab some of that food.That life inside you, depends one hundred per cent on you and your life does change. Everything you do, has to be beneficial for the baby so you start to think like a mum and you put your unborn baby and his/her wellbeing on top of your priority list.Your little baby needs you to be strong, positive, and releasing happy hormones. Even if you think life is not being kind to you; smile, stay strong and know that an angel is coming to fill you with happiness.


  • Life goes on as normal if you feel healthy

I felt strong and physically capable of doing my life as normal but as week 28 approached, things started to change. Indigestion made an appearance and sometimes I felt breathless. However this was nothing I couldn’t cope with and I was happy my body and my mind was responding so positively and happily to my first pregnancy.  As for women feeling hormonal during the pregnancy or having crazy cravings, well, everyone is different. I felt sensitive but not hormonal, neither did I craved specific types of food.I think it probably helped that as a working woman,  I couldn’t give myself the option of feeling hormonal and my mind switched off to a “let’s get on with it” mentality. You will be surprised as how your body builds defence mechanisms according to your needs, so let mother nature do what it wants to do.Pregnancy is not an illness but a beautiful moment in the life of a woman. In the last years we have been bombarded with things we don’t need so you must think in our sisters 30/40/50 years ago who had healthy babies and could never dream of the things available to us today.There are many women out there who keep working up till their last week of pregnancy and like me, cant afford not working so thank you life for the strength and good health.


  • The downside: Having to commute to work

The only downside of being pregnant and working throughout your pregnancy is the transport. I live in London and I am a London commuter. It has been quite bad seeing how people ignore the fact that you have priority seating. I kept quiet for a bit but then I thought in the danger this could have on my unborn baby if I fell due to the bus or train carriage suddenly breaking and I started to ask people seating on priority seats to give their seat away. There are quite a few inconsiderate people out there and it truly is a jungle down in the London underground so good luck and don’t be afraid of asking for a seat if no one offers you one, you are a lioness now and you must protect your cub.


  • No need for Yoga classes, do what feels right for your body

People kept telling me about Yoga or this class and that class, but yoga bores me and the only exercise I do is walk, I keep walking a lot even now at 36 weeks but do stop when my body tells me enough . Just do what feels right for you and your body and stop thinking you need this and that and that. You don’t. Just sit, relax and enjoy the pregnancy. Remember, it is your time, it is your moment and you must not allow anyone or anything to spoil it. Be a warrior, be kind, be loving, and love yourself above everything else.


  • Men may walk out on you but you will never walk out on your baby

And then you are 7 months pregnant, 8 months pregnant, 9 months pregnant and the man you are having a baby with decides it’s time for him to go. Girl, woman, future mamita do me a favour, let him go if he wants to. If it is happening, it is because life has something much better in store for you, way more rewarding than being with a human being who thinks nothing in leaving behind an unborn baby. There is nothing wrong with you but him. You may feel you are all alone and that you won’t be able to cope but you will. You don’t need someone who is just there to carry your bags, you need someone who is there emotionally for you and if that man says he is better off somewhere else, trust me, he is better off anywhere else but with you and your baby. Remember you are the one gaining and he is the one losing. You focus on you and the unborn baby and let Peter Pan figure out his life. You don’t have time for him and his emotional baggage. And if the break up happened because of a third party, just remember dear old Madeleine Albright “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”. But you do support other women, you are a good human being and you don’t need your beautiful life to be surrounded with resentment, you are too good for that.Ignore, delete, erase.Choose to be a heroine and not a victim.


It’s a unique time in your life, enjoy your nine wonderful months as one day you will look back and realise they were probably the happiest months of your life.