I’m back , yes back for good – I know its time – and you may have wondered about my lack of activity since November but as some of you know, I’m on maternity leave . My beautiful baby girl was born on 10th November 2016 at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead and I’m so bussy and in love with her, I rather dedicate my full time attention to her upbringing and well being. After all , she is a tiny new born . She was born at 11:50 am on a Thrusday and she was a big 3,718 so almost 4 kilos ! No wonder for the last weeks of my pregnancy people at work thought i was looking like a pregnant ladybird.


My baby shower day, we had no idea baby would arrive 3 weeks later !
Pregnancy is actually 10 months or 40 weeks, this is me at work at 36 weeks or 9 months. 


I was at work the day before she was born and took this pic . I Had no idea the day after, my waters would break and I would go into labour
My friends were the best during my pregnancy .If you have a friend, you have a treasure. A happy affaire thats what pregnancy is all about. 
My peaceful 5 days old baby girl
Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead and my just gave birth face. I had two ace Spanish midwives full of energy during my 15 hours labour where i was energyless 
She will have loads of hair like her mummy

Having a newborn is a wonderful experience and seeing her little face everyday, every hour makes me happy even if you don’t sleep more than 4 hours every  night.

She has quite the character already . Go baby girl !. Her grandma made the hairband for her 
My baroness in her huge Stokke pram

I can’t spend time away from her and the only time you get as a new mum with a newborn is when she sleeps after her regular feeds so not much time for writing , editing, filming  or blogging as during your time off you also need to clean your house , do the cooking , and other menial tasks .Hey we women can do it all and we are masters at multitasking ! Bring it on life .

Hello , is that you mum?
Her first time in Hampstead Heath 

I adore having her in my life. Happiness has a name; her name.  Pregnancy as you can see in the videos I made trimester by trimester was excellent . Labour however, was painful and long . More on this on another post . Baby weight is pretty much gone so not sure what the fuss is about as it goes away without exercise or even dieting . Just give it time. Same for stretch marks, not all women will have them as not all women will have baby weight for months on end . And who cares anyway ? Once you have a baby, you are no longer the main character in your life , the baby is .

First days at home recovering but you forget all about the pain of labour once you hold her
Kisses, hugs and feeds

We are living life as two not as one and soon I will be starting a new journey with my baby which I hope will be for the better . In the meantime,  I’m soon back to my regular posts so keep an eye for the final pregnancy video about my third trimester and for posts on my forthcoming visit to the Speakers House in the U.K. Parliament for a Christmas reception – I was there last year and loved it – as well as new film reviews, and inspirational posts and videos. I wish you all a happy week and remember that in life you must let the river flow and embrace whatever is happening to you. When you move forward and look back you will connect the dots and realise it was all for a reason and the reason was good . Here is my beauty queen, my princess and the love of my life forever .

My beauty Queen sleeping