-“That’s a lovely Pram”

-“That’s not a pram , that’s a Ferrari”

Those are only a few of the comments I got from people staring at my Stokke  Trailz pram while out and about in London. The Stokke Trailz truly is the Rolls Royce of the prams. It is big,comfortable,robust , strong, has a beautiful design and it is very safe . The baby can also sleep soundly while you are out and about – At least my baby girl did –

The Trailz is perfect for the outdoors lifestyle . Walks in the park, in the country side , the seaside but also for City mums like myself who prefer to walk everywhere rather than relying on public transport. It has Large air filled rubber tyres and an advanced wheel suspension perfect for getting in and off a London bus. 

The pram is also great for shopping with its large, waterproof shopping basket . Every mum knows that a trip to the supermarket with a newborn is an adventure in itself . It is impossible to push the pram and carry your shopping bags and get on a bus. We already multitask a lot ! . I could do my weekly shopping and have zero worries about bags because the Trailz has a lot of space in the shopping basket.

However , for mums who rely on public transport,this is a big pram. Not all London underground stations have lifts so in those stations , it is quite difficult to carry the pram down and up  the stairs if you are on your own with the baby.Also, there are only two spaces for prams in the buses and yours will occupy the most. Perhaps a more compact version would be great for public transport.


The Trailzs is also suited for all type of weather conditions. One day it was raining cats and dogs and baby and I got caught in the rain. When I got home I was literally soaking wet. However , baby and pram were completely dry thanks to the rain cover. This is probably the best rain cover I’ve seen and tried. It is also very easy to put on. The Ventilated hood improves air quality and reduces risk of dampness.

The brake of this pram is also very safe, one day in a London bus en route to the West End , the bus Driver did an emergency stop. The pram next to mine did move during this emergency stop and the mother of the baby rushed to hold the pram in complete shock. On the other hand , I literally kept calm and carried on. The Stokke didn’t move with the sudden stop .My baby didn’t cry . She kept sleeping soundly .  This pram is definitely the King of all prams and it is suited for all your little Queens and kings . Main thing for any parent is the safety of their children and I always feel very safe when I take my baby girl in her Trailz.

For more info go to the STokke Website :


Dress by Womum