Here is the final video of my trimester by trimester series where I filmed my own pregnancy experience. This is the 3rd trimester video. Three months of huge changes not only in the pregnancy but also in my personal life. Looking back now that my baby is 3 moths old, all I can say is thank God I was mentally strong because choosing to put my baby and myself first, gave me the best 9 months I could ever wish for.They say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going and that was my motto when some things didn’t work out as expected. But wait, life amazes me everyday as suddenly, I became resourceful, creative and full of stamina. Even though there were days where I cried my eyes out during the last weeks, such as the day I got off a bus at night after a ten hour shift at work and I could  barely walk back home due to pelvic pain, I knew then ,that if i could cope with that by myself, I could cope with anything. I became a lioness and life gave me an inner strength, I didn’t know was inside me.Right now when a challenge arises all i say is bring it on!

Be as heathy as you can be from the moment you know you are pregnant

I had a truly wonderful, worry free, very healthy pregnancy. I worked till the day before the baby arrived and never once did I feel sick or hormonal. In almost ten months only twice did I call sick at work . It was a combination of good luck, genetics, health, eating well, getting some vitamin D whenever possible but as well, my mind focusing on the good, the positive and the wonderful joy of knowing a baby was on the way. I believe that even though being pregnant is a delicate moment in your life health wise, your mind and your thoughts will play a big part in making it a happy one. This is why it is important for women to feel loved and supported but no one can give you this unless you don’t feel the love within yourself.

There were difficult moments in my last trimester in regards to my personal life but i never allowed for this to affect my pregnancy and I became so strong mentally that even my GP said more than once; congratulations, not easy what you are going through but you are doing it wonderfully. So let’s say it again when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Life went on and it went on wonderfully. Smile, smile and smile and try to laugh as much as you can. I did and it worked wonders.


Inside that belly was my honey bunny so I now love seeing baby bumps 

My little angel was at The Royal Free in Hampstead . She arrived at 38 weeks and two days into my pregnancy and weighted 3,718kg or 8,196 lb so quite a big baby. The most magical moment of my life was the relief I felt when the baby was out and I could finally hold her in my arms. Her smell, her eyes, her hands, her head full of black hair, her newborn instincts and reflexes, her peace, her breath, it was just incredible and the one moment in life I will treasure forever. I wish I could freeze those seconds when the baby arrived and she started crying her lungs out.I knew she was well, I knew she was healthy and suddenly, all the exhaustion and excruciating pain of labour, became a thing of the past.Someone can kick as here, yes me and you and all of us sisters!




The hospital was wonderful. I remember a group of 5 people entering the room about an hour before the baby was born. They were the obstetricians doing their morning rounds. –

-We’ve heard a baby is coming very soon!- They said

I was so exhausted of painful labour contractions since 9pm the night before that I could barely look at them as they gave me indications on what to do next. Then, as they left, one of the doctors told me: Now the worse part starts.

And yes, the last hour, that hour when I had no strength left, when the pain took over my body completely , it  was the worse and best part. The worse because delivering a baby is probably the most painful thing a woman will ever experience in her life and the best, because after all that pain, the biggest treasure of my life arrived in the world.

Leaving the Royal Free Hospital where she was born on Nov 10th

As I waited for the taxi to arrive on a Saturday night with my baby in her carseat, I remember two elderly people walking out of hospital and how their faces lit when seeing my little one.

-Oh that’s a newborn -They said-


-Congratulations and good luck, enjoy it!

It was genuine, it was warm , it felt special. The thing is, a newborn is just the most magical being ever created.I know now having experienced it myself.


As soon as I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep but my two day old baby would of course  not allow me to do this, and so my sleepless nights started and my strength made an appearance all over again to cope with it all.

New born baby and super knackered mum

This final trimester felt very special at work, my colleagues were the people who saw me from day one as I became bigger and bigger and they were supportive, kind, friendly and funny. I had two baby showers , one at work and one organised by a good friend who lives locally. I had many presents and many good wishes and I felt and feel blessed for all those wonderful people in my life who made those nine and a half months, a very special time in my life. I feel happy looking back and realising I truly enjoyed my pregnancy. I knew it was a special time in my life and despite things life threw at me, I raised above it all when I had to and I stood tall . That would be my advice now for every new mum to be: Enjoy it, be positive and be happy and do not allow anyone or anything to spoil this wonderful moment for you. I’m now as I write this the very happy mum of a very beautiful, very peaceful baby girl who only cries when hungry or about to sleep. Lucky? Very.I wouldn’t miss one minute and I would do it all over again because she is the best thing in my life.

in Hampstead Heath at just a few days old



*Thank you to the two super midwifes Laura and Maria who looked after me and everyone at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead