Acting was the most amazing discovery in my life.

I grew up abroad, following my father’s international jobs. When we came back to our home city, no one thought that my background differed from the local teenagers, and though I spoke the local language, I could hardly understand them, so studying became my main interest. There were some experimental programs in the universities, allowing high schoolers to enroll while still studying at school, and at 15 I started my way to a degree in linguistics and economics, spending all days long in school and universities. I was an excellent student, but at some point noticed that I wasn’t believing into beautiful speeches that I had to present as a speaker or translator, and I couldn’t connect with economy, after 4 years (out of 5) I quit. People who knew me and saw me as a future businesswoman / speaker / translator considered that it’s a big mistake to give up education. It was difficult to explain that I wasn’t giving up.

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I thought that photography can be a way to reflect our inner world to the outer world. The reflection I was missing in economics and public speaking (and probably in everyday life). At 19 I joined a photo & film school, where soon I tried an acting class. I was amazed – acting was an answer to my quest for connecting the inner world with the outer.

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Konstantin Stanislavski became my inspirer, he was the first director ever who brought life into acting. Before him acting was an imitation of life with a help of templates (for example: hand to the heart to show love or frowning to show thinking). Stanislavski was the first to create a feeling of real life on stage, training his students to reveal “the inner life of the human spirit” while acting. We know this approach from the movies: an actor can stay silent, but we believe – he suffers, and tears roll down our cheeks, without him “doing” any specific “act”, face or gesture.


Very soon my life has changed – I fell in love and was the happiest human in the world, knowing that soon I’ll be a mother. Though my kid’s father was a very special person and single parenting wasn’t my aim, our life paths were leading us different ways. Applying everything I learned in the previous years I started freelancing as a photographer and linguist (photographing, retouching, translating, interpreting, editing, teaching, writing). I worked remotely to spend days with my child, and when she was 11 months old I tried to start traveling again. I realized that I felt more comfortable and more “at home” while living in the foreign lands and in my early 20s I packed a suitcase and left with a one way ticket.I continued taking acting classes – neither to become famous, nor to get attention from the audience. Acting was allowing a life to be fully presented in me. Though while acting, I wasn’t Inessa, I was a character, but I fully believed I am that character and I was bringing my (character’s) inner life out


Acting classes brought me to auditions and after a while I got support roles in language learning TV series: one for NHK Japan and another for a national TV channel in Thailand, then my first lead roles in national TV commercials – for Thailand, Indonesia, Australia/New Zealand, and a lead role in Malaysian award winning short film “Snowing summer”. Eventually acting became my full-time profession.When my daughter was 6 we started homeschooling. Hearing about self education people often imagine unsocialzed kids in pajamas, who avoid hard work, and have no papers to enroll a university. It’s totally not like this. Kids are naturally curious, they are interested in challenges and love to study, that’s how we learn what we learn in the first 2-3 years of life. I don’t spend my days as a teacher near the blackboard, but on the contrary, I still love studying myself, and recently accomplished a 9 months course on filmmaking and digital arts, 4 weeks on renewable energy and plan to study something else soon. I’ve read a lot of books written by great teachers-philosophers about education and intrinsic motivation, and I know what and why my kid is studying. We’ve connected with many families, who also chose self education for their children, live abroad and travel. There are courses that offer certificate programs online, and universities that accept homeschoolers based on their portfolios. My daughter joins a lot of my shootings: either as my co-actress, or just to see the process. She loves to watch directors working, and sometimes they even allow her to command “action”.

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The “art of living and connecting inner and outer life” was the most amazing discovery in my life. Time and love of people who I love, showed me the importance of striving for this art not only in the things I do, but with people I meet and in myself. Presence or absence of this art served me as a lodestar in every aspect of my life.For several years our home base was in Thailand, from there I could easily travel to different countries in the Asia-Pacific for shootings. In 2016 we started living location independently. It’s almost the same, but instead of keeping an apartment in one place, like I did before, I’m looking for 2-3 months accommodation in different cities.

We relocate following my jobs, we travel to places that call us and often come back to visit places and people we love. I’m focused on inspiring roles in nice films, videos, and commercials. I can play a good or a bad person, but I have to believe in the project, and to be sure that it arises light feelings in the audience, as now I think that the inner world and the outer is the same.