Stay tuned as I launch what I hope is an inspiring project for you new mums,mums to be and single women of the world travelling solo.I’m travelling the world with my baby and I will be launching articles, videos and photos on the best European city breaks, worldwide destinations and luxury hotels and resorts around the world.


“One Mum,One Baby, The World” will hopefully inspire you to go ahead and travel.  There is never a right time in life. Now is the right time. The challenge for me is that Im travelling alone with a small baby but on the other hand, I’m staying at the best places of each destination so this will hopefully make us both feel at home. What is your challenge?

Every May I love visiting Cannes During The Cannes Film Festival, To Cannes or not To Cannes this year, that is the question.
Cannes 2011.jpg
Okay Im lucky that I get to walk the red carpet but this year a baby is in the picture
Yes, this cutie: The Baby of the World
My little travel companion. Us two and the World await

2013-07-22 20.54.32.jpg

I believe the world is a beautiful place, full of kind people,beautiful destinations, and places to stay  and I can’t wait to review it all. I have a degree in English Philology and at 20 when I first read Jack kerouac“On the Road” I highlighted a passage from the novel long before everyone started to post inspirational quotes online. This was my favourite passage from the book because I felt so identified with it I almost cried. Literally.


I’m currently on maternity leave,and Im taking this time to explore the world and do what I like the most; write, film, take pictures, meet new people. You don’t need to be in your 20’s to explore the world and be carefree and dream big. Your spirit lives in you forever regardless of age and if you have a budget use it and travel as much as you can.Treat yourself!. My first destination is an European city break to a cosmopolitan and mediterranean city , can you guess?

santorini 5.jpg

Stay tuned , first destination out mid March 2017

I hope this video I made inspires you to do, to see, to travel, to be the best version of yourself as a woman.