I took the picture below a few years ago in LaPaz Bolivia while I was filming my first feature film Campo de Batalla. Forward a few years later and I’m now ready to travel again. This time it’s something completely new but I believe that when life gives you a challenge , it is best to embrace it . I’m travelling with my small baby and I’m doing what I like the most; creating films, videos ,writing , meeting new people and feeling that I’m living. I’m gonna be staying in some nice places that I will be reviewing as well, as I’m travelling with my biggest treasure: My daughter. Backpacking was never my thing so now that I have a diamond as my companion, let’s go luxury all the way.


I hope I can inspire other people too, particularly other new mums or single mums or women who are alone and who may think it’s not the right time for them because they are alone or because they need to sort out everything first, or because it is scary or because let’s wait for a partner first or because this or that and the thing is while we wait for this and that to be perfect, life is just passing us by. I think the time is now. My time is definitley now. When I went on maternity leave I was clueless about what I wanted to do, people still ask me ; what’s the plan? what are you going to do? But I have no answer. I just want to live and enjoy my life with my baby and that is all.I thankfully do have two jobs to go back to but who knows what will happen?


There is uncertainty in the UK now with Brexit looming and I want to live in a place that is open, and friendly and where it is all about the person you are not the balance of your bank account. London has always been good to me, I love living in London and it is also the city where my baby was born so have many ties with the city, but I want the city to be what it always has been; friendly, open minded, kind. Politicians are ruining all that for us now.




Recently, I dreamt about my life and I thought I wanted to travel.And so, a few opportunities arrived and suddenly chances to travel with my daughter doing what I like the most have come about. I don’t know what lies ahead but for the first time in my life, I don’t want to know either. The journey is what I want to savour for now . All I had to do was have a wish and work a bit towards making it happening and now it is happening . Life is not linear, I used to think it was linear at 23 but definitely is not.When girls in their early 20’s now tell me, I want to be married by 28 , by 30 I will have my first baby, then by 35 my  company will be doing this and that. I don’t preach about what they should be thinking because everyone has to go through their own personal journey, but what i know is that things won’t happen as expected in our journey of life and sometimes it is best when narratives are upside down as they make for the best stories. These indigenous women  of the photo above walked for miles to make it to La Paz that day, they were carrying their possessions in those colourful “Aguayos”, some of them carried their babies there too. They could do it. I can do it too, I don’t have an “Aguayo” but I do have a modern baby carrier so what’s to fear ?