The news lately are not about the victory of the youngest ever President of the Republic of France, Emmanuel Macron, but about his wife Brigitte Trogneux. A woman 24 years his senior. Mr Macron has become France’s youngest ever President at the age of 39 – the same age as his wife, now 64, was when they first met. Yes it may sound shocking , he was 16 and she was 39 but the couple didn’t get together till much later and only married when he was 29 and she was 54. In other words, two adults.


The obsession with their age gap is an example of misogyny since men in positions of power are frequently married to much younger women. For example Donal Trump and Melania Trump have the same age difference but no one talks about it. However, the difference in the relationship between Mr Macron and Mr Trump is clear to see where it really matters, the connection between two people. Whereas Mr Macron looks happy and in love with Brigitte,  poor Melania looks miserable in the company of the overpowering Trump.

The look of love!

I have read so many evil comments online, particularly from women calling Brigitte Trogneux all sorts of nasty names. But who are we to judge? and why only when the woman is older?


The only one who should be “concerned” about his wife date of birth is him, her husband. He obviously is not. He chose her because he liked her and because he fell in love with her. If initially it may have been just the infatuation of a teen with her teacher, as he became an adult- and surely met many good looking, clever girls his age or younger-his feelings for Brigitte grew, they didn’t diminished. He could have chosen anyone but he chose her.This is not a person who could easily be manipulated. He apparently was a bright teen with ideas of his own. Right now, he is the President of France and you need some brains, charisma and personality to get there. Would everyone judging him so badly be happy if the new First Lady of France- if such thing exists- was 25 or someone his age? . In this day and age of throw away relationships, the fact that they have been married for 10 years surely says something. He is a committed, serious, respectful man and that is pretty admirable considering many guys his age and younger are still desperately looking for the perfect robot in Tinder: Model looks, 10 years younger, this and that. Guess what? They will be looking forever, missing out on what Mr Macron has been enjoying for may years. A proper relationship with a woman he loves and viceversa.


On another note, this lady looks fantastic . Charm, style, charisma and beauty are forever. You either have it or you don’t. Same as talent. You can study music as much as you like but you will never be Mozart unless you are born with that musical gift . Mrs Macron will give many young women a run for their money as she has that ‘something’ that makes a person stand out. Moreover, she seems like a good influence on him. I know many people destroying relationships due to jealousy. Can you imagine if the now President of France instead of focusing on the job during the campaign had to come home every night to a psycho girlfriend nagging him on why he hasn’t replied to her What’s up messages?, Why hasn’t he called?, Why this and that? Love is a feeling that has nothing to do with the date of birth on your I.D, it is a rare thing to happen so when it happens, just let it be regardless of what we have been told is right or wrong. As for all those people judging, okay go back to Tinder and find your perfect robot as in real life you definitely won’t.


Enjoy “my boyfriend is younger video” by the way. I have been told it is fun!