Why is it that when someone doesn’t share your opinion, instead of having a civilised  debate, that person -particularly online- resorts to insult? They call this troll.Like my friend Vicki said to me, it is troll season! . Recently, I was attacked when I gave my opinion on The Guardian Newspaper via their Facebook page. The person realised he didn’t have a valid point so he resorted to attacking me . First, it was scary, as he went through my profile pictures and featured photos on Facebook, these photos are all of my baby with me, her mum -Hello Mark Zuckerberg can we make these settings private please?-He thought the fact that he was going through my pictures was flattering to me, you know some stalkers do think stalking is somehow “flattering”.Wow!. He went on about how I should learn about angles and light to take better selfies as didn’t look good in them. When I replied I am happy with how I feel and  look, he couldn’t take it anymore. When I said if he thinks attacking a woman by insulting how she looks is going to make her feel bad, he is wrong.We have come a long way thank Goodness. Attacking a person – we women mainly- based on how she looks shows a very low intellect. Shows you live in the dark ages!


Spanish Defence Minister Carmen Chacón. She sadly passed away but what a gorgeous woman


I am not perfect but I don’t want to be perfect, I don’t want to have model looks, I don’t want to be taller, or shorter or whiter or darker , or have high bone cheeks, or bigger lips or bigger breast, or this or that. I am happy being me and I wouldn’t change none of my imperfections. You know why? Because it would be a fake version of myself and there is only one original that is worth it. Now, we are told all the time how we should be happy with our bodies and all that , however, when a woman actually is and shows it, it is like people cant handle it either. Are we all supposed to be clones, robots, models, botox versions of ourselves ? I had a baby six months ago, Im happy with my body, it is amazing what it went through and how it is all functioning perfect again. To this guy who insulted me I would also say; Hey i had a baby six months ago so may still have some baby weight to loose, but what is your excuse, looser?

I love dancing too !
Show off days ! I am me and that is enough

Ladies, don’t take it anymore, when someone attacks you based on the fact that you are slim therefore anorexic, beautiful-yes they get attacked too-  fat, white, black,have big lips, or are short, tall, older, younger, this and that … just think there is only one version of yourself. How wonderful!

Nurses helping patients working crazy hours. You are inspiring and beautiful
A real MODEL -of a person-  Beautiful

Im happy being who I am and was told since very young that the most attractive part of a person is definitely her brain, her attitude, her composure , her kindness. Aside from that, I like myself physically too. I’m not being arrogant and saying I look so much better than anyone else. No, I don’t and so what?  What I am doing is embracing who I am and how I look, and that is what we all should  be doing to stop feeling unconfident about our looks like the fashion and beauty industry do want us to feel . Im tired of all the clone looking supermodels and women in magazines. They don’t inspire me and they don’t inspire me to look like them either.

Women who fight for their own rights! Beautiful!
Helping people kicked out of their homes by the banks and now the major of Barcelona. Beautiful!

I’m inspired by women who do, who dream,who create, who work, who fight for what they believe in. I’m inspired by working women, women who don’t have it easy in life at all, still you see them kicking ass day in day out as life goes on. You will never see them in the front cover of a magazine but noone cares about front covers anymore. Im not inspired by celebrities neither do I want to look like any celebrity. I’m inspired by you; working heroines,doers, women I see everyday in the supermarket, in the street, working in hospitals, helping people, you are amazing and you are beautiful . The world has changed and so have we women who say I’M HAPPY IN HOW I LOOK AND I AM HAPPY IN MY BODY. Take that trollers , use another argument please. Girl Power or as Che would say HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE, VENCEREMOS !