As I’m still on Maternity leave – so thankful for this time and so lucky as well considering many women in so called developed nations like the USA don’t even get time off after giving birth . Shocking I know but there you go. Thankfully I don’t live there and my London jobs do respect and understand  we new mums do need to look after our babies and we need that time to bond with them- I have been taking a bit of a digital detox and practising living the present, living the moment, living the right now.  Trying to savour every moment and specially, enjoying my days with little baby Alba who just turned 8 months! . They grow super fast but one thing I will never regret is not spending time with her or missing out as I do spend all my time with her.

I have some forthcoming posts and videos coming up on the blog soon but for now enjoy seeing this cute baby dancing to Despacito, Thinking deeply while she travelled around Madrid, and just being her happy, cute self.

I have been travelling  with my “One Mum, One baby, The World” Series and right now we are loving Las Rias Baixas in Pontevedra , Galicia. After the summer season is over will start again our travels . This part of Spain is a bit unknown- and happy to stay like that- but here is where the Albariño wine one comes from. It is also a beautiful and very green part of Spain, off the tourist track thankfully and I will post soon a blog and video about our trip to the Cies Islands in Vigo. Until then, enjoy your days and have a break too from your online life as it can get tiring sometimes.

Live, love and celebrate life. DSCN1240