Toys for boys / Toys for girls ?

I was on a children’s playground recently and  I saw a few children – all very young boys – playing with gun toys . Some of these “toys” looked quite sophisticated and to be honest, scary. Seeing a tiny child point a gun to another one is kind of violent even if it is harmless.Even posting a picture here of a toy gun makes me pretty uncomfortable so I won’t. But you know the ones I’m talking about Im sure as they are everywhere.

It kept me thinking why they still make these guns for children and why you only ever see boys playing with them. Has the time come to ban these toys with a violent connotation?. These type of toys promote not only gender division but violence, it is saying boys play with guns , girls play with dolls. Boys are violent, girls are soft. This is a very wrong message in this day and age.Society is pretty violent as it is and we do not need our children to learn about weapons that are dangerous if they were the real thing.

The toy world is pretty sexist too.  I went to a toy store to buy a present for my cousin 5 year old and I wanted to get her a Doctor’s outfit as she says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Shock horror …The doctor’s outfit was just for boys, for girls they only had a “sexy nurse” outfit.


My new favourite thing: Sunglasses


She loves staring at colours too


But nature and the beach is where she feels super calmed and entertained discovering the world

I believe that children don’t need that many toys to develop their imagination. I find it ostentatious when I see celebrities showing off their children’s room and all you see is endless amounts of expensive toys that a young child just doesn’t need. Not only that, for a child to develop creativity they need to think and use their own resources , if everything is there for them , they won’t get creative let alone resourceful. How are they going to think in how to make a sandcastle with their own hands when they already have a sandcastle making machine?

Children need to develop their imagination and for this they don’t need to be overstimulated, because if you stimulate them too much with toys that do everything, how are they suppose to think and let their imaginations run free ?Nature is enough for young children , as for babies like mine, let me tell you there is nothing she loves more than empty plastic bottles- My mum put a Botton inside and there you go , she loves shaking the bottle for the noise it makes- and the sound of empty plastic bags of crips or biscuits. My 8 month old has only a few and she hardly uses them as somehow she prefers the outdoors and she is at that stage when she grabs everything and anything is a source of wonder in her own wonderland. The other day as you can see in this picture below she got really distracted with yes, a leaf on the floor.