A lot of women-  particularly in their teens and twenties -do have one problem sometimes; They allow themselves to feel invisible because of relationships, work status or temporary circumstances. You can be the most beautiful ,and successful woman to walk into a room full of people but if the one guy you love doesn’t give you validation, you feel invisible, worthless.All your achievements go to the back burner because you are alone or because that one person you love and like , doesn’t. Its fine, you will get over it and learn from the process, believe me, YOU WILL.

There is not much you can do to change your feelings for the time being but if you are willing to change, then that is a step forward. Be certain that as you grow and mature, you will stop to feel invisible and feel your worth,  you won’t need anyone to make you happy because there is no-one who can make you happy except yourself .This is the premise of my short film “The Invisible Woman” .

I wrote, directed , edited and acted in the film, yes that is the nature of independent filmmaking but hey, I do art for arts sake pretty much. It was shot at my old university, Goldsmiths College, University of London which is pretty cool and not just because I studied there!. Enjoy the film and remember, if you are feeling a bit worthless today, stop and if you can’t stop, then at least remember that it is only temporary. It is just a state of mind.