Ever since I had my baby- a beautiful Latin baby with olive skin, black hair and big dark eyes- I’m noticing something that keeps nagging me. Whenever I go and buy nappies for her, most of the children advertising not only the nappies, but the Baby wipes, creams and majority of clothes I buy for her, are in 95% of cases, blond blue eyed kids. Beautiful children of course, but definitely not representative of the children that live in our diverse societies.22179783_1509184185815077_1556668578894079987_o

You hardly ever see an olive skinned child or black child or even a brunette baby, for example . Majority is fair skinned. The message seems to be “children advertising prefers them blond” because according to them fair skinned is the ultimate beauty canon. But is this a reflection of the society we all live in or just their own blindsided ignorance and denying the obvious? Also,is this right in 2017?

My beauty when she was just one month old

Get a copy of Vogue Kids UK or any other EU country and the story is the same. You would think all mothers in the world are just  having fair skinned children – even in Spain where we have beautiful olive skinned, black hair children “Vogue Kids Spain” looks as if we were all Scandinavian looking –  This brings to mind the by now infamous photo of the staff at Vogue magazine UK where everyone was pretty much WASP. In a city as diverse as London society was definitely not represented in that staff magazine.

Totally agree with Naomi Campell on this one

As for children’s publicity, it is stuck in that old-fashioned idea that beauty is white and blond blue eyed. Society thankfully, has moved forward , has advanced. Ageism is not okay, racism is not okay, xenophobia is not okay. Society is diverse, modern, multicultural and inclusive.

Alba Headshot.jpg
My brunette beauty 

Big brands such as Gap kids, for example, are a bit more inclusive.However, looking at their catalogues it is too obvious this is just to tick the  diversity box and to make themselves look good and so you get the occasional black or Asian child model.  And what about mums with children with Down syndrome. Where are the children with Down syndrome in advertising? as far as I know these children buy the same clothes , nappies, creams and products as the other children.




This is plain and simple just not very intelligent .Do people live in a bubble where everyone looks the same or is it that they just don’t want to see ? It is about time the advertising industry reflects society.  Ultimately it is us they are targeting with their products. I did raise this question with a Vogue editor when one of her editions of Vogue ids was very one sided colour wise. All she said was : I agree!. To me it felt like shut up,yes I agree. Next

Beautiful black eyes,olive skin and black hair