We all love a bargain, but us mums with young children, particularly so. Every penny counts when you have to pay rent,house bills, food, clothes,nursery fees -Yes, you read my previous post on how expensive this is in London, almost a luxury-

As some of you know, during my maternity leave, I did have the opportunity of travelling to some beautiful places and staying at five star hotels with my travel series “One Mum, One Baby,The World”. In Imperial Vienna, we got to experience life as two Princesses during our stay at the Ritz and in edgy and cultural Barcelona, we got the friendliest and most incredible food at Le Meridien. And so, when my idyllic maternity leave and travels came to an end, I was nostalgic but extremely thankful for the wonderful times and the opportunity. That time has now come to an end and I’m back to work and back to the reality of London life, where aside from working all day, we are pretty much freezing while waiting for Santa and Christmas.

Travelling during my maternity leave with my baby girl
One Mum, One Baby, The World visited Vienna

Because of the cold weather, my little one spends a lot of her time indoors.This is a complete contrast to the wonderful sunny days she spent by the beach in Spain being sociable and having many little friends enjoying her company.  I can tell she is missing the outdoors lifestyle and I am also pretty desperate for some Vitamin D. Taking her to indoors activities in Libraries or Community Centres is just not the same as being on a park, a beach or a historical square while mums have al fresco lunches.But what we really are missing, is the beach. That place of pure freedom where children don’t need toys or much entertainment from us.

Children love the beach as they get a sense of freedom

Dear Santa, this year I would like a holiday in the winter.

Shall I write my request to Santa? Don’t think so, I will let him  focus on the little ones. Plus he is the busiest man at this time of the year so he has no time for adults.

As I’m currently on a budget, I have been doing some research using my travel blogger skills in order for me to grab a bargain.And so, I came across a travel website that specialises in cheap holidays. Holiday Gems. Their speciality is low cost holidays, value breaks and discounted holidays with the utmost care for their customers.  Perfect!. As I was browsing through their website I came across Today’s Special Offers which was exactly what I was looking for, a last minute holiday deal.

Hasta la vista London Underground , Hello Algarve coastline!

The holidays in the Today’s Special Offers section are updated regularly and they do have incredible sunshine breaks to great destinations. Yes, it is possible to go on holiday to warmer climates and stay in lovely family friendly hotels without breaking the bank. I’m looking for a Portuguese holiday and found a hotel in Algarve which looks perfect for us; family friendly, spacious,very clean and close to three beaches and a city. Holiday Gems do have some of the best priced holidays on the market so worth having a look regularly if you are on the hunt for a bargain to sunnier climates. There is plenty of locations to choose from and many are just a two/three hour flight from the UK which is perfect for us mums with small children. I have seen good deals not only in Algarve, Portugal but also Malta, The Spanish Costa del Sol  or Turkey.

Excellent facilities at bargain prices
Add some pretty memories to the book of life

Oh and for those of you with the luxury holiday bug, yes, they do have a luxury brochure with stunning places to stay and relax . I will definitely be checking that out once budget improves as a treat to my baby and I. After all, life is all about creating good memories and no better way of doing that, than by going on holiday.


Merry Christmas everyone, you deserve to be happy and you deserve some sunshine!