Rose McGowan has had enough. Here is a woman who has grown into herself and is not scared of being who she is and speak her mind. Scared of being who she is? yes, many of us are. Many of us hide our real selfs just because we think we may not be good enough . It takes time to get there, some get there past their 40th birthday, others at 70, some may never even get there and live a life pleasing everyone but themselves . For my daughter, I would like her to get there by the time she reaches her teenage years and that is why the #Metoo movement Rose ignited is so important , because future generations of girls won’t have to put up with obsolete attitudes towards women, let alone sexual harrasment. Enough.

Illustration by Thaakirah Jacobs

Outspoken, unfiltered Rose is one of those people who you either love what she is about or you don’t. I think she is fab and she has all the right in the world to be very angry. I admit, I had no idea who she was and what movies she was in before the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal made it to the New Yorker on an investigation that took Rowan Farrow ten months. I knew Harvey Weinstein. To me, he was the producer of films I’ve enjoyed throughout the years.Who would have thought he had a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde persona?.


I listened to what Rose had to say and I saw a woman who is smart and strong – despite detractors trying to portrait her as lunatic and delusional – she comes across as feisty, eloquent, a rebel with a cause in a world where wolves eat lambs. A world she knows too well.  In her twenties, when she was assaulted, she was a beauty. A beautiful girl with that innocent aura and carefree attitude that comes with being young and having beauty by the grace of Mother Nature. Unfortunately, at the height of her youth and beauty, she was hurt.Someone hurt her badly and took away her pure being. She tried to speak but was silenced, silenced for far too many years.  Years when she was completely alone in her journey to justice, years where Harvey Weinstein, her “monster” as she calls him, was the darling of Hollywood and even Washington. Meryl Streep called him “God” – embarrassing I know- and maybe he probably believed he was some sort of messiah as he got away with it for years. He was powerful and untouchable but so is Rose and her spirit.


Rose was a young girl starting up in a world where she thought she would be telling inspiring stories and working with artists like herself ….the reality was very different . She was part of a corrupted system where they wanted her for a bit while she was hot and young and could be exploited by a system rotten to its core. Yes, it took her 20 years to come out and say it as it is. And so what? she did it and look what she started. Revolutions take time. She lost the battle but won the war.She had to wait for the right time after years and years of waiting and being pushed into a corner. No one was listening and they were making sure she was silent .

We can all relate to her story even if we haven’t been sexually assaulted by a monster , how many times have we put up with unwanted attention when on a night out?  Men who don’t understand that we don’t wanna talk to them, let alone dance or hang out with them. Complete strangers who feel we owe them a smile , our time with our girlfriends, and our desire to be left alone.

The changes happening in society right now, the debate of the role of women in society is  so important that I believe if this was a movie script, this would be a turning point. This is a moment that will hopefully inspire women without no power whatsoever to start their own revolutions. Time is definitely up.