Tutti Bambini is a family owned British brand. They have stylish nursery furniture, cots, cot beds and mattresses that go above and beyond when it comes to quality and design. They have also ventured into the “Pushchair” market and I was happy to try their KOJI stroller during a recent holiday.

This is a lightweight stroller that is compact and perfect for city mums like myself who do travel with their baby regularly. I need to be able to fold a pushchair in seconds when getting in and off the plane. This was the key feature that made me get on really well with the stroller the first time I folded it with one hand while on a Heathrow tarmac. Luggage handling people really love it when you give them a light pushchair folded in one piece. That day at Heathrow, I saw intimidating  looking strollers: Too big, taking too much space, always on the way of everyone. In other words, they looked clumsy. My Koji was the natural beauty who doesn’t like the attention. She knows she’s got it so no need to say it out loud.

Take me anywhere mum!


Observing it all

Jokes aside, the fact that it can be folded with the seat attached is a plus for us mothers who multitask on a daily basis.  The stroller has a one hand mechanism so folding and unfolding makes life easy when you have a baby on your lap and a bag on the shoulder. As with most pushchairs these days, the seat is both forward and rear facing and the chasis is both carry cot and car seat compatible. I particularly like the lie flat seat -suitable from birth- It was perfect forAlba and her afternoon naps when we were out . She slept soundly and looked just as comfortable as when she is on her cot.

Shhh baby sleeps

It was pretty sunny during our holiday but the hood has an extendable panel so it provided  the baby with full cover from the sun or the afternoon wind. It also has a further extendable UV protective sun visor perfect for the forthcoming summer holidays or the London sunny days. Yes, we do get our share every year!.


What are my favourite features of this stroller?

The design, its compact size and above all, the comfy seat. The feet of the baby no longer hanging as they do with other strollers I tested. My baby does love her naps so the fact that she could sleep soundly and comfortably on the stroller, made me like it immediately. I could  get on with my daily chores without worrying about dashing back home for her to have her morning or afternoon naps. The large shopping basket is also a bonus feature as somehow we always end up with a lot of stuff on it.

My only issue with the stroller was the break. The break was a bit too close to the floor so you can accidentally press it . Or maybe I was just clumsy but I did step on the break a few times the first few days till I got used to it.

Sitting or sleeping the baby is comfy in this stroller

This stroller by Tutti Bambini is like the independent film who made it to the Oscars. A small fish in the big pond of baby pushchairs . We currently have the well known brands that are also known for their hefty prices. Tutti Bambini does the same job at half the cost. KOJI is perfect for parents who like myself are always on the go. Personally, I think this stroller is more city life than countryside. I did struggle a bit when steering on an uneven terrain in the country but no issues in the city or when getting in and off a London bus. The fact that it is light, compact, baby is comfortable and it looks lovely at a very reasonable price, makes Koji the Queen of the Indie pushchairs.