After a break of almost two years, I have gone back to filmmaking and I’m now shooting a new short film.  I won’t give details as I rather talk about projects once they are finished but needless to say, I’m excited about this film which Im shooting in a very relaxed, no pressure, no expectations kind of way. I used to film thinking in film festivals and big things happening and that was pretty awful as expectations always end up in disappointment. Now, I film because I love the whole process and I enjoy the storytelling.

I will be editing the film using Final Cut Pro which I recently purchased and can’t wait to sit down to work on my shots with my brand new iMac .  I have had a love affair with Apple for years but even though Im out of love with the disappointing and extremely expensive iPhones,I’m happy with the iMac except for two things:


It should have a touchscreen and no borders. The whole screen should be glass rather than having the pointless black border. If they could do this with the iPhone x surely they can do it with the iMac. Also, the sound should definitely improve. When I started editing I didn’t like the sound at all. As usual with Apple, I’ve ended up spending a bit more to improve the product by buying speakers.

This is also something many Apple users dislike. Having to always pay extra to use their products. You buy an Apple laptop and at least you end up spending £80 extra because they come with just one port these days. And no comment regarding the lighting port adaptor in order to use the headphones iPhone 7 b.c!

Budget was an issue so I was on the hunt for a speaker to make up for the bad sound of the iMac. A tech geek friend of mine recommended a website called which is perfect for bargain hunters of all sorts.Fashion, Food, Music,Health, you name it!

In my case, I went straight to the technology section, then the  sound section and I truly couldn’t believe the cheap prices. I wanted to pay no more than £30 for the speaker so I ended up buying one for £25.99 at the click of a button.It arrived intact a few days later, and Im finally ready to edit the first footage of my new film. Being a filmmaker has never been this comfortable thanks to the technology so readily available at affordable prices. No excuses , get out, shoot, edit and submit.