In the film festival circuit this year, there is an award winning documentary audiences are loving “Lots of kids, a Monkey and a Castle” . This is the real life story of an irrepressibly oddball and frankly hilarious matriarch , Julita. A wealthy woman who lived in a castle until the worldwide financial collapse happened and Julita is forced to sell her beloved castle. The six children, and their children, come to help pack up her belongings but this is no easy task. Julita is hoarder and her 6 children need to find a solution about what to do with everything she has accumulated in the Castle. From her dolls, to clothes she never wears, broken umbrellas. The documentary is heart-warming and it overflows with affection, and humor. Julita and her family belong to a highly dysfunctional but deeply loving clan. In “Anna Karenina,” Tolstoy famously declared that “all happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”



Watching the film was a bit of of a calling card for me as I was in the process of  moving home and getting quite stressed out about how I was gonna move and what to do with stuff  I never use.

Moving is definitely stressful and when you have a small child, it is no longer you and your things but your child things as well. I also don’t have a car so a friend suggested to rent a van. That night I thought in the nightmare of packing all my stuff in a van, drive with my things and my baby in his car seat to our new home and the stress of driving around London with a van!. I was just as stressed as the poor lady when she moved her stuff our of the castle!.

I can save money by not buying clothes or more shoes or bags or take away lattes but moving stress free is worth it. I had no idea where to look until a colleague mentioned you need a “man with a van”. I didn’t even know that existed but at that moment my wishes came true. I literally found a company that offered a man with a van . The long distance moving services offered to move my stuff and their services included the driver of the van plus the helpers . If only I could tell Julita and their six children about them, the inferno she went through moving her stuff from the castle into a new home ,would have been sorted as these guys were efficient and committed to look after my precious belongings.

I told them I didn’t have that much stuff and they were cool about it. They could take just my iMac if I wanted or they could take all the contents of my home. I didn’t have to worry about bringing all the boxes to the front door while looking after my toddler and her increasing mischievous ways. The helpers were there to do just that . It was pretty affordable which was a surprise and they mentioned they can also help me with my Ikea purchases for my new flat. I hardly ever go there since I can’t bring large items by myself, at a small fee,I call the man van and they will take my new wardrobe home.