I was sent a teeth whitening product by Smile Brilliant, a box including molds arrived to my house, and I made impressions of my teeth. After mailing the impressions back to the USA, I received the custom-fitted trays and started the process.  I added whitening solution to the trays, put them on for about 15 minutes and let them do their job.  Instructions recommended starting them out at 45 minutes, but I have sensitive gums so I could only do 15 to 25 mins maximum. The results will take longer to appreciate in these cases.

The product is very easy to use. You apply the whitening gel followed by a desensitising gel to avoid irritation. I could already see results a week after first use, however, I had to stop altogether because of my sensitive gums. It was a shame as I could see my teeth already  getting whiter but these products are perfect for people with no gum issues which is not my case.



Also, I have some fillings so not all teeth were the same shade of white, some were whiter than the ones with fillings. Apparently it is normal to have tooth sensitivity during the whitening process even though most people with healthy gums will have no sensitivity at all. Lucky ones! . To my surprise, there were days when I had no issues, but others , it was pretty bad. This had nothing to do with the product but the state of my gums.


Before using Smile Brilliant I was whitening the wrong way. I was using whitening toothpaste and charcoal teeth whitening , however , they are both highly abrasive and wore down my enamel probably making my sensitivity worse. If you decide to give Smile Brilliant a go, remember that whitening  doesn’t happen overnight. Each time you whiten, you’re removing years of stains. If you are sensitive, just go slower but do more applications. Also remember that  your teeth will need maintenance. Your first 7 to 12 sessions should remove all the stains you’ve acquired over your lifetime. Afterwards, you may only need to whiten 3-4 times per year to maintain that. Its important to have a product (like custom whitening trays) that you can keep forever and use whenever needed.For people with sensitive gums, get your dentist to give you the go ahead before you start the whitening process as it may not be right for you. For the rest of you with healthy gums, well, some beautiful pearly whites are waiting for you in a few days time after you first use Smile Brilliant.