Even though Mozart was already a precocious musical genius who composed music from the tender age of 5 and was competent on the violin too, he was also one in a million and ever since, the world hasn’t gifted the music universe with a prodigy who can compare to him. I started taking piano and musical notation lessons at 17. I remember feeling too old  as everyone in my class was about 11 and I was about to go to University. I knew the day I had a child I would teach my child music way earlier than I started. But how early is early?


In my local conservatory, they start taking children from age 8 only. I’m very early as she has just entered toddlerhood.  However, if eventually you want your child to attend the local conservatory lessons, be aware that the child will have to sit through an entrance exam so ideally those early music lessons will be needed. At this very early  stage of her life, it is just a case of exposing her to music. Apparently toddlers can start music training at age 3, when brain circuits for learning music mature. However, many piano teachers prefer that children wait until they are 5 or older to start lessons. The reason being that their hands are bigger and they’re more ready to sit still and concentrate.My little one is definitely not ready to still still anytime soon. Except when she watches Chuchu tv or eats her lunch or dinner.


A first keyboard was something I was looking forward to see her playing with. The Hape Playful Piano costs £70 and it does resemble a real piano. It is very compact version and the 18 keys it comes with are perfect for her hand size.  They also do provide a scale.

Compact and pretty cute 

My baby enjoys playing with it- making sounds for now! – it keeps her rather entertained. The Hape Piano will be good till she is about 4, by then I may decide to get her a real one  if I see enjoyment, willingness to play and to express herself musically.

If you are looking for a Christmas musical present for your little one that doesn’t break the bank, the Hape piano is also affordable . We mums love those not very frequent moments of the day when the babies can get on with their own entertainment! .