A loving, safe and secure relationship can have a really positive effect on your whole life, but what happens when the relationship turns toxic and you feel like you’re trapped? Sadly, toxic relationships can often turn into something more harmful and dangerous so it’s best to get out quickly. 

These are the signs that you’re in a toxic relationship and knowing them could be what you need to make a clean break or encourage a loved one too, before things get any more sinister.

You’re trying really hard to please 

Relationships should be about making each other happy, but if you find yourself constantly working hard to make your partner happy and being scared to make mistakes or put a foot wrong, you could be in a toxic relationship. 

You never get a moment alone 

Whether it’s through social media or instant messaging, it’s easy to keep in constant contact and know where your partner is. And whilst this can offer peace of mind at times, it can also lead to control and manipulation. 

If you find our partner is constantly checking on where you are, how long you’ll be there and forever questioning what you’re telling them, then it could be a sign that their control is crossing over into something more harmful. 

Your views don’t matter 

A relationship is a two-way street, and when you communicate it’s important that you both feel like your views are being listened to. If you feel like your partner doesn’t appreciate any of your concerns, talks over you whilst having conversations, or doesn’t value your desires and needs, then it’s time to discuss the problems in your relationship. 

Criticism comes regularly 

Any relationship is prone to bickering and arguments, but if you’re being put-down and criticised regularly this is behaviour you shouldn’t accept. Your partner should be making you feel the best you can, and encouraging you to be your best person, not tearing you down. If you find you’re being criticised more than you’re being complimented, it could be time for you to leave. 

Coercive control 

A healthy and secure relationship means you can live your own life as well as the one you share with your partner. However, for those in a toxic relationship the feeling of being free can be taken away for you. A big red flag you should be aware of is your partner taking control of your money, not allowing you to have access to your own bank card or account. If they handle all of the cash and only give money to you when you ask, then this should be a warning sign that something should change. 

If you want to talk through any of these signs and get help with finding out whether your relationship is bordering on toxic, you can phone Relate or the Samaritans who can help offer their advice. 

If you believe you’re in an abusive and toxic relationship then you could be entitled to compensation using the government CICA grant. Get in touch with CICA UK who can help begin the process of compensation to get you money you need to move on with your life.