What is good parenting? There are so many books written about this subject that it is difficult to pinpoint the top ten parenting skills we all need to educate our children.

I guess as children grow up, they need some sort of role models in their life, people they can look up to.

I have my own role models none of whom are famous or celebrities and I’m hoping when my daughter grows up, role models change from today’s so called role models for the youth ; Instagram stars who love themselves more than life itself. We live in the “me, me and me”and “look at me” culture. The fashion just like any fashion will hopefully disappear soon.

Societies across Europe are pretty nepotistic. In Spain where I was born, majority of people in government, film and tv or running the economy are sons of, daughters of or girlfriends and wives of. I was thought the UK was different but it is pretty much the same. I recently wondered whether nepotism was related to good parenting and wanting the best for your child. Hence all the pushy nepotistic parents who have helped their kids reach a very well off status in many countries.

When my child was born, I was invited to join many local mum and parenting groups to help me become a better parent or so they said. However, I have always steer clear from these groups. I believe there are things in life we can do naturally, without having to follow rules set by a book or a group.Being a mum is one of them. Once you are a mum, the job usually comes naturally and organically.

My task just like any parent, is to expose my child to subjects and things that will broaden her mind and choices. For now I offer my daughter consistency, routine, a safety net as well as parenting by example.I’m not perfect but just like any parent I strive to make decisions that I think are in the best interest of my little one.

That has meant giving up a flat I loved, quitting two jobs and moving away, but as long as my daughter is happy and thriving like she is, I know I’ve made the right choice. It is no longer about me because it was my choice to bring her into this world.

In this superficial -and hopefully transient- times of influencers, film and tv celebrities, and wealthy by dubious practices, an example of good parenting is when the child has zero interest in being famous. ZERO.The rest, I’m sure you are doing great as you go along in the wonderful and challenging parenting journey.