I love technology. In fact, I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to technology products. Life is easier when you can transfer money, book a flight, a doctor’s appointment or send some important documents via your phone in literally seconds. However, I have seen the side effects of letting your gadgets dictate your life. For many, it has become an addiction as we are overusing tech gadgets such as phones, tablets or laptops.

I was using my phone a bit too much, every five minutes or so, I was checking my screen. Even if I had nothing to look at, I just checked the time.It was getting exhausting. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple famously said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

Us two during a recent visit to Madrid

I was not making the most of my limited time in this beautiful world. Technology was frankly consuming my energy. I decided to turn my life around and feel more positive and more full of energy by drastically limiting the amount of time I spend using technology. First thing I wanted to do, was to wear a watch as I was still constantly relying on my phone to check the time.I don’t need to open social media apps, or read breaking news or check the weather, but I do need to know the time of the day, particularly as a working mum with a little girl who goes to nursery.

And so when the time came to choose a timepiece,  I knew it had to be a very special one. A watch so beautiful and timeless, it could potentially last a lifetime.The idea was the opposite of  technology which is constantly changing and you can feel you are missing out on new features if you don’t have the latest product.

When I saw The Cora Polaris collection by JORD I fell in love with the brand and these unique timepieces. Wood Watches by JORD are the finest luxury all-natural wooden timepieces ever created. The name of the Cora Polaris collection reminded me of a wonderful trip to Norway to see the Northern lights. One night the stars were so bright, I felt I could touch them.

Midnight blue and turquoise have always been my favourite colours because I associate them with the sky and the Mediterranean Sea. And so, after much deliberation, I went for the Cora Polaris in walnut and midnight blue. The band fascinated me with its beautifully finished hardwoods, all enclosed in polished metals with rose gold tones.However, what made me go wow was the 34mm dial which is the distinctive face of Cora. Hand-set Swarovski crystal constellation depict the Little Dipper and the North Star is accentuated at 12 o’clock. Sapphire crystal provides superior clarity and scratch resistance, in fact, the premium crystal of this watch allows for maximum durability.

I find the Cora Polaris watch ravishing, original and very elegant, so much so, that I wear it every day as I can dress it up or down. Life is made of moments. Moments that may seem unimportant when we live them, but when they are gone and we look back, we realise those were the best moments of our life and we didn’t know it. As the mum of a toddler baby girl who only yesterday was a newborn baby, I don’t want to miss out on anything. Life is too precious to let time simply pass you by and my watch reminds me everyday.

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*I was gifted the Cora Polaris to review but views are all my own