I love Hape toys as they challenge little minds. They are educational, fun and good quality . My toddler loves playing with her Hape piano pretty much everyday and recently, she started enjoying playing with puzzles and seems to love the thrill involved in solving them.

I believe puzzles are a great educational tool for children as they provide many mental benefits and it helps them develop fine motor skills.

Even though we are a monolingual family, she is bilingual as since she was born, I made sure I teach her daily her second language. She already knows most of the letters of the Alphabet both in Spanish and English so the Chunky Alphabet Puzzle was perfect to help her memorise the letters in alphabetical order.

The letters come in chunky pieces and in capitals, they have lovely bright colours and are ideal for her little hands. I hope this is the first toy that really brings a life long joy with reading and writing. The Alphabet is suitable from 3 years onwards but my daughter is 2 and it is great for toddlers this age as it stimulates their matching skills . The design of the letters are also good and stable for stacking which she enjoys doing.

Verdict: A high quality puzzle that won’t disappoint


Another puzzle she loves spending time with is the Wild animal puzzle and play by Hape.

What she seems to like about this puzzle is that she can play with the wild animal pieces as well as fit them into the colourful base, which is also very sturdy. The fun graphics are printed onto the wood and each animal has a natural habitat where they fit. She learned to place them into their right place after a few attempts and because of its 2 in 1 design there is another play scene hiding on the flipside. The wild animal puzzle and play is an example of an educational toy that helps kids develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Verdict: The wooden animals are fantastic and this puzzle taught my little one emotional skills as she learned some patience while spending time fitting the animals into the puzzle.

Price: £12.99

Hape puzzles are made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards. These two are simple but the first step before my little one moves onto more complex silhouettes. I love seeing her develop intellectually while enjoying herself with toddler joy!.