Although the concept of holidaying goes as far back as Ancient Rome, types of holidays are ever-changing. We are constantly seeing new trends from the invention of air travel to cruise ships and lots more. Some people enjoy a certain type of holiday, like lounging by the pool or going camping. But it might be nice to try something different for the next time you go away!

In this guest post, Caroline from has rounded up the top 5 different types of holiday you should try for your next break:


You may have tried camping, but have you tried glamping? This is a type of holiday that is on the rise and for good reason. If you are not a big fan of camping but like the outdoors, glamping might be the one for you! A wonderful family-friendly holiday that gives you a touch of luxury.

In case you don’t  know what glamping is: it is basically going camping but the facilities are more luxurious. Depending on where you decide to go, your ‘hut’ will usually include an actual bed, shower, heating and plug sockets. It’s the best of both worlds! You can enjoy the good things about camping: being outdoors, making friends and letting your kids run around. All this without what’s holding you back from a camping holiday: sleeping on a deflated airbed and having cold showers. 

Eco-conscious holiday

Being eco-friendly is continuing to rise on travellers’ priorities. The Sustainable Travel Report shows that 87% of global travellers want to travel sustainably and eco-conscious holiday options are getting easier to find! With initiative such as Travalyst being founded (by no other than Prince Harry), this should really make a difference in how eco-friendly we travel.

There are so many ways you can keep the eco system in mind when you travel. You can use eco-friendly filters on flight booking websites to see which flights have the least amount of carbon emissions. Many hotels and accommodations now do their bit for the environment too, like using less plastic and saving energy. You can also help this by re-using your towels, limit the use of air-conditioning and heating and turning the lights off when you leave your hotel room. Also keep in mind what animal tourism does to the eco-system. Especially if you’re travelling with kids they might ask you to swim with dolphins or go and see tigers, but this can upset the animals which is important to remember when you are doing your best to be eco-conscious.


Cruising is the type of holiday that has seen the biggest rise in the past couple years! With bigger and better cruise ships launching often, it is a holiday worth trying on your next travel experience! There are lots of different options for a cruise, ranging from all-inclusive long cruises to short cruises. Most cruise ships are family-friendly and have lots of amenities for children on board. Some even offer a free kids club so you can take some time to relax with a glass of wine overlooking the water. You can even book a themed cruise like a Disney cruise, music themed cruise or sports cruise!

Working holiday

We understand that when you first think of a working holiday you might not get very excited. But read a bit more about it and we might be able to convince you! There are many types of working holiday you could choose to go on. Travel to a different continent like Asia and help on a local farm, work as a teacher or enjoy working in hospitality. Even if you want to stay a bit more local you can still get involved in a working holiday. For example, the National Trust offer all kinds of working holidays all over the UK. They even have family working holiday opportunities! Ideal for families with children aged between children age 6-16, they can make friends whilst learning new skills and enjoy their holiday time!  

Adult-only holiday

There is nothing wrong with admitting you’d like some time away from your children. Kindly ask the grandparents for a sleepover or find other arrangements and off you go! Lots of hotels have got adult-only sections nowadays, like special pools and restaurants where little ones are not allowed. More and more it is accepted that you go on a break without always taking your kids, as much as you of course love them! You can take some time to fully relax and enjoy not being covered in peanut butter or jam most of the day! Or go on that city break you have always dreamt of visiting but is not very toddler-friendly. Then come back all restored and ready to continue being a fantastic parent.

If you are stuck for what to do for your next holiday, with the above tips you are spoilt for choice! Happy holidaying!