I’ve been self -employed for a year and a half now and ever since, I’ve been working from home. I initially loved the idea of working from my living room but as the months progressed I knew this wasn’t for me. 

I have a small daughter and the nature of my work was unfortunately incompatible with nursery opening  and closing times and sadly, incompatible with pretty much having a small child.Sounds awful but it is the reality I faced. It is very disappointing to know that many women, myself included, are having to give up our jobs and careers when looking after a small child as the working hours are incompatible and many companies are not willing to support you in those early years . No wonder more and more women are becoming self employed after maternity leave. 

Working from home has had one big downside for me. I’m not as productive as if I were working from an office with a team of people. When working from home, you can procrastinate for hours or days when you don’t feel motivated, you can stay in your pijamas till midday or all day and you can end up writing emails from a sofa . My relationship with technology, aka my laptop and my phone , grew to the point of intimacy . They were with me all the time, I was switched on all the time, my laptop and phone came to bed with me every evening. It was so bad that I questioned my own humanity. Was I turning into a Cyborg ? 

Recently  decided to move into a co-working space where I can have my own office. This means having a schedule Monday to Friday. It means that my working hours are working hours and not leisure time or time off when I feel like it. This will help my motivation and self esteem and I’m sure it will mean more business. 

The biggest fear for me was moving, I hate moving with a passion, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t moving home but moving into an office. I still had a lot of stuff to pack and take with me into the office. I wanted to save costs and thought about booking a minicab and then take the rest by tube or bus but speaking with a friend who did just that, she told me it was a nightmare. 

Eventually, I came across a low cost moving services company which was perfect. Not only did they end up delivering everything with the utmost care, they were always on time, and despite their low prices, they took extra care when it came to customer service.I took two desktop computers, hard-drives, office furniture including a desk, my own comfy chair and a few tv screens for my editing.Everything arrived in perfect condition and on time. 

I’m now looking forward to a new work setting and working for myself but from an office space. In other words, I’m ready to thrive.