Dreams came true for my two year old the Saturday we visited Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park , home to the UK exclusive and world’s first Peppa Pig World . Admittedly, I was just as excited as her, I had watched some online videos of the venue and I was certain we will both love it.

We set off from London-Waterloo on the 8:05am train to Southampton Central station and from the station we took a bus to Paultons Park. The train took about an hour and a half and once in Southampton Central we made our way to the bus stop which is about a 3 minute walk from the railway station. On weekends, the bus that goes to the park is not very regular so please check times before you travel. We waited for the 10:12 am bus which arrived in Paultons Park at around 11:00 am.

Once in the park, I made my way to the entrance which was beautifully decorated with Halloween pumpkins. A staff member was measuring some children as if they are 1 metre or above, they pay. I’m not sure about this rule, usually children up to 3 or sometimes 5 don’t pay. I have a tall 2 year old and even though she is not 1 metre yet, sometimes people think she is older than 2 just because she is just as tall as a short 5 year old . In my humble opinion, more than height, they should go by age.

On entering the venue, I felt this wonderful vibe which put me in a good mood for the rest of the day, that is the thing with these type of venues, they know how to create the magic that guarantees the kids and adults, will have a happy experience. For a day, you will forget about being an adult and enjoy through your kids sense of magic, the wonders of being a child all over again.

My little one was sleeping when we arrived so I had some breakfast by the cafe at the entrance of the park opposite the shop. Here, you can have a full English breakfast, or a lovely warm bagel with a drink which I did.Then, as soon as she woke up, we headed straight to the Peppa Pig World section of the Park. We were there just for the day so we didn’t have time to enjoy the whole park which is considered the best theme park in the U.K . It certainly looks incredible and a great day out for families with over 70 rides and attractions to enjoy.

Entering Peppa Pig world is like going through a magic candy store in the clouds, the colours are pastel and the atmosphere is very joyful . It is totally toddler friendly with pram stations, toilets nearby the rides and plenty of tables and chairs to sit and have a break.

I was advised to head for the rides at the back of the Park as the ones near the entrance tend to get busy straight away but to my surprise, they were all busy. However, the queues moved at a very steady pace and even at the rides that said at least 25 mins wait, we waited only 10 to 15 mins max so queuing wasn’t an issue for us. Make sure to take plenty of snacks for the queues so the kids don’t get too impatient.

“Grandpa Pig’s Little train” was the first ride we tried, it was lovely and calming and there was the Peppa Pig theme music playing in the background, which helped to make people happy and relaxed .

Afterwards, it was time for us to sail away at “Grampy Rabbit’s sailing Club” in a bright coloured boat. This ride features the Queen alongside Peppa and all the main characters having a very British picnic. My little one was in awe of everything, she loves watching Peppa Pig so for her this was dreamland.

At “George’s Dinosaur Adventure” we went for a ride in one of the friendly looking dinosaurs. Mr Dinosaur is George’s favourite toy so my super excited child, kept asking where he was.

Soon it was time for splishes and splashes at “Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip”. My two year old was playing captain of her ship and again loving every second of it. The Peppa Pig rides don’t last too long but this is a good idea as it gives you time to try all the attractions in the park and it keeps the queue moving at a steady pace.

“The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride” has great views to the Park and you may catch a glimpse of Peppa and George all dressed up in their royal attire , or perhaps even the Queen herself .This was one of my favourite rides because of the views and the charming Queen character talking on the background.

While walking around, we came across some cute Penguins which added extra magic to our day. There was a Penguin show on but we didn’t have time to see it so we headed for “Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight”. I suffer from vertigo even if the height is child friendly like this one, so while the children were all cool and enjoying the views, this grown up was looking forward for Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter ride to end . What a lightweight !

By 1pm it was time to meet and greet Peppa and George who were wearing Halloween costumes. Here we took some lovely pictures with the help of a staff member.

Next to the meet and greet area, the little one spotted Mr Potato and gave him a big hug and a kiss and then, she literally disappeared into “Mr Potato Playground and Muddy Puddles”. I think I’ve heard her say Yupeee! at least once every minute.This is the place to go if you need a break from the rides, and just want to run around in this outdoor themed playground.

On the way out, we popped into the Big Boo Barn, the visit took about 15 minutes and it was pure Halloween magic, a mixture of a comical and creepy experience with talking pumpkins that will delight trick and treaters of all ages.

On our way out, I noticed again all the incredible display of Halloween decorations. The park looks wonderful with all the Pumpkins and spooky decorations and if they go above and beyond for Halloween, I can imagine Christmas being a very special time of the year here.

I loved my day, but most importantly , my little one totally loved her day and we will be back. The 6:30 am wake up call was worthy , the almost 3 hours that took us to get from London to the Park , was worth it too. We had one of those feel good feelings you get when you experience a wonderful time and build a great memory for the book of life. This was the best day ever and no wonder everyone loves Peppa Pig!

Thank you Paultons Park for the fabulous day. It is an excellent venue, full of childhood magic .