A few years ago, every time Zippos Circus was in Hampstead Heath I used to see horses and sometimes donkeys in the Heath nearby the circus Campervans. I was always intrigued but never went. I wrongly assumed that was mainly for families and kids. So now that I have a little one, Zippos Circus felt like a good idea. This was her first time in the circus and I was looking forward to it without any expectation whatsoever. First of all, let me tell you that currently this circus uses no animals. There is only one number with some very clever budgies jumping on little cars and dancing around but that was it. No horses, no donkeys, just the budgies.

I live locally so I walked to the Heath, but if you are coming from central London you can either walk from Belsize Park tube station or take the London overground to Hampstead Heath.Number 24 bus also stops nearby the venue.

We made our way to the venue which had some lovely lighting and as soon we entered, we got that feel good feeling vibe of a place that I guarantee, will entertain you. There were families, children but also many people of all ages without kids simply enjoying the show. I loved seeing a variety of people of all ages and from all walks of life. During the show, I could tell a lot of them were regulars, they were really excited about it all and kept cheering on the artists and creating a very cheerful vibe. There was no “them”(artists) and “us”(audience) here, the atmosphere was so joyful that it felt as if we were all part of one big joyful team. This is definitely an interactive show.

The master of ceremonies is the legendary Norman Barrett MBE with Zippos Circus and the world’s greatest ringmaster. A natural, this talented guy surely knows how to command a large audience of kids, teens, youngsters and adults of all ages. Politicians should take note!.

All the performances were impressive, the audience loved the intrepid team of motorcyclists speeding around a cage at over 60 miles per hour. At one point, there were 5 rides at the same time whizzing around inside a globe. How they managed to do this, I have no idea but we were all in awe!

My little one and I loved meeting the warm Paolo, a wonderful comic , acrobat and showman. He performs an impressive acrobatic number with Laci Fossett, a young performer with incredible skill.

During the interval, we went to buy some popcorn and to my surprise the talented Elbernel Ebby, who just a few minutes before left us all stunned with her flexibility and archmanship, was already with the audience giving directions to the toilets! The artists here do it all!

The Revolution Troupe from Cuba brought some Latin flavour to Hampstead and they wowed us with their acrobatics and skilled rope skipping.

The Timbuktu Tumblers from Africa blew us away with their speed, energy and display of pyramids and hoop jumping.

Melissa and Milo at Zippos Circus

These artists were all ten out of ten, and not only that , they were warm and made sure they interacted with the audience at all times. I loved the atmosphere at Zippos Circus; fun, joyful, and a show where the audience is totally in sync with the artists. They supported them, they cheered on them and when the show was over , we could all say good bye to one another as the artists were all lining up thanking us for coming. Thank you guys for the great time!

I left Zippos Circus with a feel good feeling. Perfect venue, wonderful show and I highly recommend it. If you want to visit Zippo Circus, please use this discount code to get 30% off: ZIP50. Zippos Circus is in Hampstead until Nov 3rd