I cannot think of someone more influential for future generations than teachers. A good teacher can have an excellent influence in a young mind , it can literally transform his or her life for the better and lead to excellence. On the other hand; a bad, non- inspiring, not interested teacher, can influence negatively the life of a young person. Overall, the teaching profession is a highly dignified profession that offers a lot to society, teachers are needed everywhere in the world and we cannot imagine a world without teachers.These are everyday influencers playing a major role in the life of children.

We live in a society where it seems your worth is all about how much money you make. Teachers and particularly those working in the state school system are not big earners. In fact, many teachers in London, struggle to get by. Same goes for nurses, the police, or charity workers and in general all the professions that offer something to society.

I’ve recently read some data which made me gloom. Society seems upside down really.This brand new asset looks at the potential Instagram earnings of sports biggest stars and their children.They collected information based on the going rate for Instagram influencers and sponsored posts amongst other things. They then applied that methodology to the selected people as an angle to suggest what these people could earn, without having a particular talent in one field and simply relying on the name and fame of their parents. The figures are ridiculous if we compare with what a teacher or someone who plays a key role in society makes.

Here are some figures that assess the Beckham family true online worth.They truly highlight the vast sums that could be earned by people who have merely been born into the world of celebrity.

  • The Beckham boys have over 15,000,000 Instagram followers between them
  • Each sponsored video uploaded by Romeo could be worth £11,000
  • David Beckham could earn £200,000 every time he posts on Instagram

17-year-old Romeo has developed a big online following on the back of his parents’ wealth and fame – and it seems he cashes in on that by making vast amounts of money out of his millions of Instagram followers. If Romeo was to take advantage of his status as an influential online figure, he could charge sponsors up to £8,000 per sponsored post.

These children have all been lucky to grow up with a famous surname. Brooklyn, a model, wannabe photographer and failed footballer could earn a massive £38,031 per sponsored post, putting him well out in front of his siblings. Cruz could still earn £5,280 per post with over 1.5 million followers – more than five times (5.3) what the average UK nurse would make in a month. UK nurse salary taken as average of £28,000 annual earnings. 

The Beckham’s are just one example out of many but certainly not the only children making fortunes off the fame of their parents.  

The day would arrive when people who achieved nothing by themselves and enjoy a rich and famous status because of nepotism, stop having any sort of relevance. Easy comes, easy goes and for the privileged few everything comes easy. As a result, many children who maybe easily influenced by the “Instagram” lifestyle of talentless but wealthy celebrities , could turn out rather entitled and feeling as if they deserve to have it all at no cost or effort. The role models of the very near future should be people who work hard for the bettering of society on a daily basis, people who work not for profits but for making the world a better place, and that includes teachers, charity workers, artists, the police, but certainly not celebrity children or instagram influencers.