If I were Meghan Markle , I would run away and possibly hide away for as long as I could while the storm clams down. Since both Harry and her announced they want to step back from their Royal commitments and be financially independent, she has been called manipulative and controlling, she has been portrayed as the one responsible for the supposedly breakdown of the relationship between her husband and her immediate family. A relationship that is probably as strong as ever. Prince Harry is a much loved public figure and one of the reasons is because he comes across as honest, loving and caring . The beautiful Meghan Markle is a woman approaching 40 and it is rather obvious that the constant dismissal of her as a person is awfully ageist.

If Meghan Markle was a 23 year old girl , similar age to when we first became aware of Catherine Middleton, she would be called “naive” and they would blame it all on youth but they would not attack her personally.

The British public did embrace her, a woman who had nothing to do with the Sloaney girls from privileged backgrounds Harry used to date. Just like a literary heroine, she was a “woman with a past”, she was also mature, independent and had strong opinions of her own. She was also self made, no rich daddy with a safari park in Zimbabwe. Finally, new blood and charisma and this was very much liked by a majority. So maybe , only maybe, free spirited Harry just wanted to break free for a very long time and Meghan was the person he needed to take the leap. Maybe without her, life would continue to be exactly the same and meeting her and falling in love inspired him to change and create a new life.

We don’t know if they are taking a decision they will regret but this is not for us to say or even care about. Meghan Markle has been a victim of ageism and ageist attacks just because she is a mature woman and she has decided she doesn’t want to do as told for the rest of her life. She , like any of us would, was probably horrified when a private letter she wrote to her dad was published on the press, the constant scrutiny was a bit too much for us all to read everyday imagine for her being the main entertainment for the media. It’s 2020 after all and she has decided to get her freewill back, that, money can’t buy. Who can blame her?