My toddler didn’t like the transition from her comfy baby bath to the big kids bath, there were times when she would scream at the top of her lungs and bath time was not that picture perfect bonding moment we are used to see in magazines. It was odd as this little girl is fearless when by the seaside. She loves the beach and is the first one swimming in the cold Atlantic waters where we spend the summer. She also loves her swimming lessons once a week so the mystery is still unresolved as to why bath time is not her favourite time.

We recently tried the Petit Jovial Essential Range which includes a Nourishing Multi-Purpose Balm for Face & Body (50g), Nourishing Bath Oil (100ml) and Massage & Scalp Oil (100ml). When the parcel arrived, I told her these were her new lotions and potions sent to her by an Orangutan in Indonesia called Marcel. We first opened the nourishing balm for face and body and she loved the very soft texture. After a busy day that included a swimming lesson, I patiently prepared her bath by adding a few drops of the Nourishing Bath Oil telling her how fun it would be to have a bath with the water smelling fragrant lavender and finally after a few weeks of tantrums during bath time, she enjoyed herself there while I made up a story about Marcel and his family back in Indonesia.

Petit Jovial Nourishing Balm is a multi-purpose luxury balm for face and body , like all the Petit Jovial products it is 100% vegan and made of natural butters and oils. You can use it to treat nappy rash or even as a lip balm and it is great for mums who are breastfeeding to soothe cracked nipples. This is definitely the perfect cream to pack in your nappy bag as it is very versatile.

Petit Jovial Nourishing Bath Oil was so delicate on the skin that it felt as soft as velvet. How I wish I had skin like that again !. I loved the feel of the skin so much that I tried the bath oil myself and it works wonders on adult skin too.

Petit Jovial Body and Scalp Massage Oil is perfect for all ages and ideal to ease cradle cap . It is fragance -free and a blend of 100% natural oils. It definitely helped with my daughter’s bedtime routine and it didn’t take that long for her to feel sleepy after a day of school and activities.

The Petit Jovial Essential Bundle retails at £63.00 . This natural skincare for the family lasts a long time as all you need are a few drops each time you use the products. They definitely have a wonderful luxury feel and they can be used by children and adults which make it good value for money.You can purchase the bundle or each item separately through their shop

Petit Jovial products are bottled in recyclable violet glass jars and bottles, the dark purple glass helps to keep the products fresh for a long time without the need to use chemical additives. Aside from their commitment to environmental issues, you will be pleased to know that Petit Jovial donates to charities working on orang-utan conservation projects in Indonesia so by supporting this brand , you are also helping the work they do protecting orang-utans. Hence my story to my little one about Marcel the Orang-utan. She know thinks these products were given to her by her friend Marcel. Who am I to contradict a toddler?