It’s been almost 3 weeks that we are living under a very strict lockdown so here are two videos I hope inspire you during the day to keep going, to think positive , to do things. It is impossible not to feel sad in these times when the pandemic is ravaging many countries and particularly Italy and Spain, hard to understand too the attitude of the E.U. They could do so much more to help these two countries , instead they have shown a complete lack of leadership, solidarity and empathy towards the thousands who have perished in both countries. Their true colours have come out: They are a bunch of cold hearted bureaucrats. I didn’t agree with Brexit but I can understand the position of the British government in not wanting anything to do with this bunch of entitled wannabes who when things get tough, do nothing and just think about themselves. Hello Germany and Holland!. But my brothers and sisters in Italy and Spain, we will get through this , thanks for nothing E.U !

My videos are in Spanish but even if you don’t speak Spanish maybe take some time during the lockdown to learn a bit of this beautiful language I’m lucky to call my mother tongue.