Motherhood is a pretty wonderful “till death do us part” lifelong commitment, but even the Saint of Patience wouldn’t be honest if she didn’t admit that there are times when our children can literally drive us mad. Add to the picture a lockdown during a world pandemic and children in confinement in small houses and the day to day will definitely have its ups and downs. This has been particularly so in countries ravaged by the pandemic, countries where restrictions don’t even allow children to go out for a walk once a day. Spain, for example, has the strictest confinement in Europe and many children haven’t been out for over a month now.

41 days in confinement

I have been in lockdown with my toddler in that situation since March 15th. Most of the days are joyous, but there are times when the days seem to have far too many hours .Then there is the sun, it has been very sunny and not only that, it is light until almost 10pm so the days are pretty much never ending.

In these times of lockdown, I have been thankful for cartoons and the internet. I spent time teaching my toddler age related tasks and activities and she is already fluent in two languages , I also play with her, but there are times when toddlers want 24/7 attention and I don’t have the time or the patience and there it go, a massive tantrum. The tantrum could be over a banana you cut in half and she wants you to glue it back or the fact Peppa Pig doesn’t rescue like the pups from the Paw Patrol do. Radom things that ignite crocodile tears and frustration as they don’t understand why you need to also do things that don’t involve the toddler. There have been times during this lockdown when to calm down a tantrum, I have just turned on the Paw Patrol or played Baby Shark and boom, tantrum gone.

It has been tough for children stuck in very small flats without windows to the street or a balcony. I am in an average size flat but I do have a terrace so I feel lucky for that . It has been a saviour in these times. I know of many families without gardens, terraces, balconies or even windows to the street and surprisingly they are coping. The spirit has been fantastic and it has been nice to see how the worst of times brings the best in people.

One particular difficult afternoon, worried not only the pandemic, the incredibly high number of people dying daily, and concerned about the future and the financial crisis coming our way, I saw a hope and decided to feel okay; to think of myself as a kick ass person, I have always found solutions and so far even though I’m doing it all alone, I’m doing fine and happily so. If you survive this, you will be just fine in all the other aspects of your life. You just have to believe it. Believe that nothing is permanent , that things do change and that this too shall pass.

I will end the post with a positive note; From Sunday 26th April , children will be finally allowed out for one hour each day in Spain. I can’t wait.