After a few years of frequent visits to the dentist because of issues with my gums , I am now one of those people who actually looks forward to her daily oral hygiene routine at home. I take as much care of my teeth as I do of my skin, probably even more.

When my daughter’s teeth finally came out, I was pleasantly surprised to see the most perfectly aligned milk teeth I have ever seen. I envy her beautiful smile and pretty pearly whites . One of those smiles money can’t buy . The health visitor mentioned the fact she didn’t like dummies as a baby and that by 12 months she was already drinking from a cup, helped . When mentioning this to the dentist she told me that long-term use of dummies can cause the front teeth to slant , as well as causing malocclusion of the teeth.

To prevent cavities and infections and keep my toddler’s mouth healthy , I have made sure her life long affair with brushing her teeth is fun and something that is part of her daily routine. A routine she started at 15 months old. So if you are struggling with your kids oral hygiene routine, this is what I did to get my daughter love brushing her teeth.


Maria Montessori said that we should never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. Taking this advice, I encouraged her to brush her teeth by herself since she was two and could manage the movements with her little hands. Kids love to imitate parents so try and brush your teeth together, they will love watching and imitating you.


Toddlers can brush their teeth by themselves by the time they are 2 1/5. Guide them initially by showing how you do it and eventually they would want to do it all by themselves.Routine is key in a kids life so make sure brushing her teeth is part of her daily routine before going to bed. When she sees me getting ready for bed, her first question is ; have you brushed your teeth?

The Colgate MaxWhite


Go toothbrush and tooth paste shopping together and they would look forward to use their new “teeth gadgets”. Also , make sure they are age suitable. My daughter loves her new Paw Patrol toothbrush but careful where you put your own adult size toothbrush as sometimes you may caught them using it!.I recently purchased a new toothbrush, the Colgate MaxWhite Toothbrush, which I am loving as it has spiral bristles and polishing cups that remove surface stains as well as an on/off button with an incredible cleaning power.

I don’t know whether she heard me talking about this brush to my mum or whether she liked the design, but she was using it the moment I turned around to fold some towels. Toddlers!


Brushing your teeth is a lifelong task so ensure you teach them the basics as soon as they can manage alone, let them practise on you by playing dentist and patient. Also, there are plenty of songs for toddlers online about brushing your teeth, if your kid is not loving it yet, a few fun videos will work wonders for the little one to lose his fear.

Helping your kids build good dental hygiene habits is key to avoid tooth decay and expensive dental treatments later on. It is also a lot of fun and something you will look forward to every day.

“This product was gifted by Colgate , but all views are my own”