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‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle” , Albert Einstein

Part of growing up and reaching maturity as a person is learning not to dwell on a broken heart for too long when it comes to romantic relationships.

It is easier said than done particularly when the person lacks the wisdom to put things into perspective or gets too attached to someone they are romantically involved with. Admittedly, for this type of personality, it is difficult to let go. 

When your heart gets broken, think like a philosopher and find the silver lining. Going through romantic heart break is part of life but life goes on with or without that person. 

Someone you cared about, loved or liked very much is gone and they are probably gone voluntarily. Denying this will do more harm than good, just let it be. Nothing is forever, not even feeling as miserable as you feel when someone you cared about and had plans with, walks out of your life. 

To get over the pain, just embrace the fact that nothing bad has happened to you and consider these suggestions.

  • Avoid Feeling Miserable 

The time has come for you to accept it and move on and do so as quickly as you can to get on with life. Your own precious life. If that person cheated or deceived you, then think of it as a blessing in disguise. 

Swift your focus from misery to greater things both mentally, physically and intellectually. You will grow as a person when your intellect is hungry and thirsty for knowledge. Learn about space, about politics, law, history. Knowledge is vast and rich and will only do you good.

Don’t you do have better things to do with your life and time than feel downhearted? Stop. Now. Nobody has died.

While you are sorrowful thinking about someone else, that person is probably enjoying life and having fun and why not? Good for them. 

Now go and do the same, even if you feel that what you are doing is not exciting, just as long as you are feeling calm and together, that’s more than enough. 

For now. 

They say that youth is wasted on the young so invest your time in more positive things than thinking over and over again in an ex that in two years’ time, will only be a distant memory. 

  • Do Not Follow or Check Your Ex on Social media

We live in a connected world and we are only one click away from knowing everything about a person.Stop following your ex and ideally stop contact altogether. 

In other words, avoid wasting your energy checking on what your ex is doing and who is the new love interest of a person who has happily left your life. 

Also avoid the typical break-up situation when someone, usually the one that was left, tries to prove to the other person they are doing great and looking better than ever.

It is immature and a bit pathetic. The less someone knows about you, the better. In fact, having a break from social media will do you good for a while. Dissapear!

  • No-one dies of a broken heart , deal with it 

People need to go through the process and realise at their own time and space that feeling unhappy should be their last option. Some realise soon. Others, it takes them years. 

It is hard to let go of feelings but once someone shows no interest, disrespects you or is indifferent; what’s the point?

If a person has wronged you, the best thing you can do, is completely move on from it. 

There is no point in talking over and over again about how that person has do you wrong. 

Maybe they did, but letting that affect you a little or nothing at all, that is up to you and your attitude not them. 

Above all, remember that everything is and will be fine, unexpected things we don’t like do happen, but you are not about to die. Put things into perspective 

  • You have a life to live, live it as happy as you can

There is no point in wasting a precious second of your life on someone who doesn’t want to be in it, someone who doesn’t want you to be apart of theirs either. What are you, a masochist?

You are busy, you have dreams, you want to enjoy life and doing this with a person who doesn’t really want to be with you, won’t be possible. 

Let go and get on with your day to day without dwelling on your broken heart for too long.

There is only one life and only you can live it for yourself. Make it a good one.’