The Good Products Review is today recommending a set of toys manufactured in Denmark by Danish brand Dantoy. They encourage pretend play and the use of imagination, both key to a child’s development.  

Dantoy’s brand-new “I’m Green” line of sustainable bioplastic products are long-lasting eco-toys with indefinite shelf life made from bagasse, the waste left after the sugar is harvested from sugarcane.

I’m happy to recommend these creative sets because they won’t end up polluting Earth’s ecosystems including our precious oceans, so for that, I’m a fan of Dantoy greener approach to toy production. Buy less but buy well, is always a good start.

The DanToy Bioplastic Ice Cream Kit

Dantoy Image

The DanToy Bioplastic Ice Cream set includes 3 Cones, 4 scoops of ice cream, a scoop, a cone holder and 2 cupcakes and because of its size,  you can take it everywhere if you need to keep your child entertained while out. It is an open-ended toy, so it kick-starts the imagination while keeping the little one entertained for hours.

The DanToy Baking Kit

The DanToy Baking Set can be used to prepare some biscuits as it has the right utensils for this, the blue mixing bowl is perhaps a bit small to whisk eggs but it did its job. 

What I liked the most about both kits is that my child was pretending to be a budding chef if only symbolically. But for hours, she loved used them creatively.

Dantoy Image

Final Thoughts

Having tried and tested the play-sets with a small child, I believe they stimulate simple or elaborate pretend play and as opposed to close-ended toys, which encourage a specific skill but can be restrictive when it comes to using the imagination, there is always more than one way to play with these kitchen kits.

Albert Einstein said it; “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and as a parent, I believe it is our task to encourage it, even if children naturally spend a lot of their time in their own “imaginary land”

The Dantoy “I’m Green” kits are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and have been approved for contact with food . They are recommended for children aged 2 and up and are available here

*Disclaimer: I was gifted the Dantoy kitchen kits for review purposes but views are my own