Image by Iqbalnuril/ Pixabay

When I joined a parenting programme offered by my daughter’s school to parents, I didn’t expect it to be the eye-opener it turned out to be. What grabbed my attention and made me want to stay for the six week programme was that the person running the sessions was not being paid. The organisation is run by volunteers who simply love to share techniques and smart tools, us parents may need to use from time to time when parenting gets challenging.

Second thing that grabbed my attention was the tutor volunteer saying there is no such thing as a parenting experts. Every parent is an expert in her/his own kids. We know best, as we know our kids best.

And finally, the human and relatable stories other mums in the group shared in a judgement free environment, convinced me this was worthy of my time. I decided to enroll.

Among the mums, there were quite a few with incredible stories. One lady cried in every session. A husband who worked all day but offered no help in the house and because he was the breadwinner, he expected her to be the mum and dad as well as the wife. That was it for her. She could no longer find that much joy in her daily life, and was struggling dealing with 5 kids at different stages in their lives.

All of us in the group had a story to tell, a unique journey we all went through or were going through. A journey that when it ended , it made us all more powerlful. Let’s face it, whatever issue currently bothering us, is not going to go away all of a sudden, but we will learn to grow around it. To live with it.

I love being a mum to my small child and have no regrets in dedicating all my free time to her, but for parents it is important to care about themselves too. Only when we care about ourselves, can we care about others. Only when we feel in peace, we can offer peace to others and particularly bring peace to our home and family life.

When the Parent programme was over, I was delighted and elated. It was time to treat myself to some Astley Clarke earrings to remind myself of all the great things in my life and all the achievements that I have accomplished despite all the difficulties I have faced along the way. It is in times of trouble that we must remember, nothing is permanent.

I love wearing the earrings everyday and my daughter lovesthem as much as I do, particularly the blue agate gemstone. It reminds her of her favourite colour and reminds me of my daughter wherever she is not with me. I told her she can wear them when she grows up.

This little act of owning some beautiful earrings, had a positive outlook on many things. That is why it is essential to always remember to look after yourself in order to look after your kids and be the best version of you, or at least try. They are only kids once!

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