A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try Balance Box and one of their menus. Clients can choose from a classic, vegan, pescatarian or plant based box in a specific portion size. Balance Box nutritionists and chefs will then freshly prepare the menu and meals which are delivered directly to your door.

I went for the pescatarian menu, market plan portion size that contains between 1700-1800 calories a day (as opposed to the lighter plan option that contains between 1200-1300 calories a day). My goal was not to lose weight but to feel better.

The box was delivered to my front door late on Sunday night and inside were all the boxes of my Monday to Thursday menu. The menu consists of three meals and two snacks per day and it is clearly labeled and packed in a breakfast, lunch and dinner recyclable container. The cost of the pescatarian menu larger portion size is £32.99 per day.

I have been feeling awful for the last few months. I experienced low back pain and have been feeling bloated. The week I tried the menu, I started suffering episodes of vertigo during the night which made me feel very dizzy and nauseous.The G.P gave me some pills to treat the vertigo, but when I consulted with a functional medicine doctor, she told me that my issue was a leaky gut. I needed to clean my gut and cut off the majority of the food I was eating to find the culprit.

The menu arrived at a very convenient time too as I had a busy week ahead of me and the Balance Box menu saved me time and money. No more trips to the supermarket to buy food for four days and no more hours of my day spent cooking and cleaning the kitchen. They do it all, including the chopping of veggies!

My Pescatarian Menu

My Pescatarian Balance Box Menu


The breakfasts were similar. Roasted apple bircher on monday, peanut butter and rye bread on tuesday, mango and chia seeds yogurt on wednesday and blueberry bircher on thursday. The portions were enough for two people so if I were to do it again, I would go for the lighter option.


Lunch was perfect to take away as they were mainly salads and food you can eat cold. It included a butternut squash, pepper and cashew nut salad, smoked mackerel thai salad, cumin roasted cauliflower with aubergine and hummus, and a mushroom and thyme soup.


My favorite part of the menu was dinner. The dinner dishes do need to be eaten hot and I loved all the dishes in this section. Rose harissa crust salmon, Indian paneer curry,a lovely cod,butter bean and pepper casserol, and a vegetable biryani.

Balance box added a detailed breakdown of the ingredients of all the dishes and specified the amount of calories, carbs, protein, fats, sugars, sodium or saturated fats each dish contained.

Final Thoughts

The Balance Box service and food is the perfect choice for professionals on the go who want to eat healthy but have no time to shop, cook or clean. Prices are reasonable considering you would spend more if you were eating out and a similar amount if you shop and cook the dishes they offer.

Miracles are rare and I’m still recovering. While I know this will take a few more weeks, the Balance Box pescatarian menu was the beginning of a journey where I went from eating all sorts of saturated fats,and other bad for your gut foods to eating a lot more fruits, vegetables and protein and letting go of unhealthy snacks, cakes, fizzy drinks and food that can be inflammatory.

Right now, I’m starting to feel way better. Vertigo is not as intense as before and the nausea has thankfully disappeared.Same as feeling bloated. I still crave cakes and chocolates but since eating the delicious nuts Balance box sent me, I now eat almonds, pistachios, prunes or brazil nuts whenever I find myself fancying a cupcake. My body, my health, my life. Time to look after this human machine with the care it deserves.