Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

I have a Twitter blue tick, a verification mark for high-profile users. Have I ever benefited from this? Not at all. Will I now pay $8 monthly to keep my blue tick? Absolutely not, in fact, I couldn’t care less about my Twitter blue tick. Also, why give $8 to a billionaire who will anyway make millions in ad revenue on Twitter when we can give those $8 to any street beggar who needs the $8 more than Musk or Twitter?

Why would anyone pay Twitter this amount of money when instead they can give it to charity, to the local school, the hospice, anywhere but Twitter. They don’t need our money. This is a classic example of billionaires getting even more rich at the cost of a cult following of sheeps who may feel a blue tick gives them status.

Elon Musk himself tweeted that “Twitter current lords and peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.”

Power to the people at a price tag Mr Musk? I have under 3,000 followers so hardly a lord and others peasants when many with way more followers than I do have no blue tick. 

Since buying Twitter for $44 billion, he has been looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenue. In order to do this, he is expected to cut half of all Twitter jobs this week and introduce an $8-a-month blue tick charge for verified users by the week after. Bloomberg reported, that current blue check holders like myself will have a ‘grace period’ of several months before we either pay or lose the badge. 

Users of the social media platform have been critical of his plans to charge $8 a month to be verified, but Mr Musk has remained defiant. He tweeted, “to all complainers, please continue complaining, but it will cost $8,” he said Tuesday. Musk has noted that basic Twitter will remain free to use, but accounts that pay to receive the blue check would get other benefits.”

He also mentioned content creators would be rewarded but didn’t specify how, until that is clear, many will carry on living without a Twitter blue tick. Oh the hardship!