The new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, may regret ever saying on video that he didn’t have any working class friends. In the resurfaced video, he boasts of having all sorts of friends including aristocrats, upper class and working class friends. Well no. No working class friends, he said with his posh British accent typical of a boy who was educated in an extremely expensive only boys boarding school for the rich elites in Great Britain. 

The Britain of the social class system.Yep, still alive and doing well. The fee-paying school in 2022, cost $38,500 to $52,000 a year to attend. A fee only those from a privileged background can afford.

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer is the U.K’s first ethnic minority leader since the 1800s when Benjamin Disraeli, who was of Jewish origin but a practicing Christian, was in office. His parents are African-born Hindus of Indian descent, but Mr Sunak is a born and bred Briton.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunk was elected by a technicality. He secured the backing of the Conservative party to become its leader and in the U.K., the party with the most Members of Parliament (M.P’s) in the House of Commons can designate a new leader without holding a nationwide election. 

His predecessor, Lizz Truss became the 15th prime minister of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign but lasted only 49 days in office. The shortest term in British political history. 

An ex Goldman sacks banker and an MBA graduate from Stanford, it was at there California institution that he met his wife, Akshata Murthy, daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the couple’s wealth is now around $825 million.

Sunak’s family wealth now rivals that of King Charles III, says the Guardian. A main reason why many are concerned about his ability to understand the financial struggles of the working class British people particularly as the country faces a recession. The resurfaced video of him claiming to have no working class friends has surely made him no favours.