Kylie Jenner is at it again, the Kardashian clan family member has been shamed in the past by animal rights activists for wearing real fur. This Monday at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show in Paris, she literally wore a fake lion head.

To ensure her tasteless parade of a lion head didn’t cause any controversy, she told her followers that the head is a “faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials.”

However, the hyper-realistic faux head that covered the entirety of Kylie Jenner’s torso celebrates trophy hunting and promotes violence against animals.The faux head was once again objectifying a majestic animal from the African savannah as another disposable fashion item. 

Despite the fact the piece was constructed by hand from foam resin and other man-made materials, animals are not luxury products and lions in particular, have been killed for their pelts for years and to satisfy the killer instinct of wealthy people who travel to Africa to kills specifically lions or elephants among others.

There were a series of faux fur garments on display at the fashion show designed by Daniel Roseberry including a black wolf’s head, and a strapless snow leopard gown, with an equally realistic head. All of them equally glorifying animal hunting and disrespecting animal kingdom.

The fact that celebrities seem to be okay normalising animal cruelty and insensitivity towards endangered species clearly shows that famous, rich, or having millions of social media followers doesn’t make you wise, intelligent, sensitive or even a decent human being respectful to others including Earth and all its live beings. 

The only animalistic and basic behaviour I saw in that tasteless parade of animal heads were those so called influencers and models utterly devoid of animal empathy.If you follow them, contribute to their wealth by buying whatever product they sell or promote, well think twice.