I love these 60’s and 70’s vintage pictures of my mother in Spain.She was a model in her heyday and a fashion designer. Afterwards she opened a fashion shop and a sewing atelier where she used to teach how to sew and how to make incredibly beautiful clothes  from scratch . She covered all aspects of Bespoke Dressmaking, Tailoring, Repairs and Alterations. In her shop , as soon as she launched a new collection, she used to sold out dresses, skirts , trousers , you name it , all made by herself . I used to love old editions of Vogue and Vogue Kids she used to have in the shop, I also loved listening to all the gossip going on in the life of her clients . I value all those gorgeous clothes she made a lot more now that we live in a throw away culture where everyone wears pretty much identical ,bad quality fabric clothes . She lives in Pontevedra, Spain which she loves as she is right by the sea, but has lived in Sweden too where people used to think she looked like Liv Ullmann-The Swedish actress of the Bergman films– and couldn’t believe such Spanish blondes existed when we are known for our Mediterranean looks. She is an artist and a very stylish cultured woman and I just love hanging out with her.  She is still just as beautiful as in these pictures only that wiser . Enjoy , everything she wears she made herself .

Late 60’s vintage photo and fashion. By the beach in Pontevedra, Spain
This looks straight from a Michelangelo Antonioni film
Pontevedra in the 70’s , flare trousers and cool denim.
70’s Aviator glasses
Beautiful blond beauty
70’s velvet two piece suit
Fashion atelier. 70’s icon
Che Guevara iconic picture
Beautiful passport picture of the 70’s
By the beach with flare trousers.
70’s fashion. Pleated skirt and a cool grown up school girl look.
Wedding day in Pontevedra,its a vintage wedding dress now
My household, we love and adore dogs and they are part of our lives
Late 60’s photo. It truly is a Michelangelo Antonioni shot
Spanish Liv Ullmann only that more beautiful


studio photo