Sweet and brief post today to share these stunning pictures taken by Ella Hansmann. She is a collaborator of  Vogue Italia and looking at these pictures you can see why. This was an “indie shoot”, one of those with no make-up artist, hair stylist, stylist or a team of people ensuring everything looks perfect. It was just Ella, her camera and myself trying to capture the autumn light. That was all. There is also a 70’s bucolic look that I like. The 70’s are my favourite movie and music era. On top of that, I have been told repeatedly I look like a 70’s girl, maybe the long hair I still refuse to cut!.

I grabbed a few pieces of clothing from my wardrobe and headed to my favourite part of London, Hampstead. This is where I live too and where I have shot many of my inspirational videos.  It is a good place to visit if you come to London as charming and peaceful and if you are a local and around, please do say hi!. Thanks for reading and enjoy.I did say it was gonna be a brief one!

It was freezing cold but held it together while modelling in Hampstead park , London
Reminds me of a 70’s romantic film.
A very long hair girl, don’t ask me how the photographer got those colours but the lighting is perfect