There are so many things people will tell you when a baby is on the way. During those beautiful 9 months, I listened patiently to every advice that came my way as ultimately everyone was trying to be kind. However, I knew that whatever it was they were telling me, that was their journey not mine. Whatever happened to them, wouldn’t happen to me. I was curious and looking forward to meeting my baby girl. I always saw maternity as something positive so was surprised to hear negative stories: No sleep, no life, no energy, no sense of self. Despite it all, I was ready for the good and the bad and I was convinced I would enjoy it just as much as I was lucky to enjoy a worry free pregnancy.

One thing I knew I had to do, was to change my life around. Even if the change was happening with a newborn and during those first months when new mums are supposed to have stability and security. It had to be done and it all started when I suddenly decided to treat myself to something nice, something I never had. I remember checking this page and finding then and there that special present to myself for working hard during my pregnancy to earn every penny of my maternity leave.

There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky and you ask.


Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

And fly we did when my baby was only one month old. Having buggy walks in my local park in the cold and pretty dark months of December and January didn’t appeal to me, neither did the idea of hanging out with other local mums talking baby food, or breastfeeding just because.



My maternity leave was freedom, joy and moments where I truly cherished my new motherhood. We travelled alone throughout the year and Vienna, Barcelona, Porto, Santiago, Madrid, and endless beaches in the wonderful Rias Baixas made for a year to remember till I had to go back to work and leave my baby behind which was hard as I was used to being with her 24/7. I did cope for 7 months, then I knew I had to fly again. I had to change again.


This precious early years will never come back, but work, money or anything in between are always there for whenever I’m ready to do so. My baby however, won’t be 1 forever. And so, I took time off again to be 24/7 with the only person in the whole wide world I can spend 24/7 with. It’s fun, it’s joyous and I’m mature enough to realise these moments are priceless.I had to give up a career I was loving and people who were friends as well as colleagues.I had to pack again all my belongings and start anew.

Sometimes in life, you have to break free with a previous life to start a new one. You have to simply step out from the path you walk every day to walk a new one. The one you are certain is the one you should be living.  I knew that to enjoy my bundle of joy, I had to go back to basics too regarding my love with technology and the fact that I’m always connected and people can always reach me. Not anymore. I switched off to switch on and so I went back to a pay as you go phone and recently thanks to ADEXE Watches, back to a watch that is just that, a watch.

Once upon a time I worked Part Time in the Selfridges Wonder Room . The Wonder Room in Selfridges ranks among the world’s most premium watch destinations with a vast selection of the most coveted luxury watch brands. It was there that I started loving and appreciating the craft of watchmaking. I started to admire the workmanship involved in creating Watches and I loved hearing the customers and their special relationship with their favourite watch.


When ADEXE Watches got in touch and I saw their timepieces, it immediately transported me to the youthful days in the wonder room admiring watches. I fell in love with their edgy but classic designs and I could see craft, quality and innovation in every piece. I choose the Mac Petite Brown because of its classic design and contemporary minimalism. It has a leather strap with a classic buckle and it looks totally unpretentious. It also has that aesthetic finesse and luxury feel that I started to appreciate when working in the Wonder Room.

IMG_5450.jpgNot having to take my phone out of the bag to check the time every 10 minutes is a blessing. As we are all kind of letting go of our addiction to smartphones little by little -thankfully- Watches will become more and more popular because one thing we do need, is to know the time of the day!. For now, Im really enjoying wearing my ADEXE and my life with my one year old. It will change again in less than a year but life is all about moving forward. So if you are feeling stuck but the fear of breaking free is stopping you, just think, but what if you fly ?

*In collaboration with Adexe Watches

Photos by @Iria Aboal Diaz