Happy New Year lovely people. I hope this year brings you health and happiness. I have been having a break during the Christmas Holidays but I’m back!. During my two weeks off I have been working on a screenplay as first and foremost I’m a filmmaker and as the songs says- I just can’t help it. My Christmas this year was packed with endless events. The most unusual of them all, was a reception at the Speaker’s House in Parliament where I met the current Speaker, the charismatic and very lovely, John Bercow. British politics and I have a love/hate relationship but like most relationships of this kind, they are truly fascinating. As a filmmaker, I’m always open to new experiences, jobs, people,situations, you name it. In my eyes, everything is clay to my art. My fascination with the House of Lords, the Commons and how it all works may sound crazy but who knows? I may one day direct a film about it, so, in the meantime, I’m always learning by being open and open minded.No need for House of Cards when we can have our very own House of Lords and Ladies (hmmm don’t get me started I’m already thinking affairs, lies, deceits, decisions, power)

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow

I’m writing this post not to talk about Churchill or Cromwell or Disraeli, or even the Suffragettes,  but  to invite you all to come along to the screening of  my film Rescue Me , which will be screened on January 7th at 93 Feet East 7pm in London Town. Come along to meet me, say hi, get to know my film work and also the work of other women directors. The evening is called “Women in Revolt” and a few of us rebel hearts will be there introducing our work.

 Women in Revolt is Shorts On Tap’s award-winning series of screenings focusing on works directed and produced by women. An exploration of female film-making, a selection of extraordinary works depicting, describing and challenging the very essence of Womanhood. Sounds great, right? so just come along if you are a London baby. 


“Rescue me” was shot in London two years ago and it went on to win the Golden Palm at the Mexico International Film festival. The film is available online here.


Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to a year of new videos, articles,films and thought provoking ideas. Ladies and gents of the world, here is to a lovely 2016!.

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