It seems as if hardly anyone has bothered this September with the launch of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6sPlus, so much so that I didn’t think making my yearly video on the launch of a new iPhone was worth it this time. It was a very different story last September when for three weeks I started filming a video about the UK launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus outside Apple flagship  store in Regents street. The buzz had such a positive vibe that I loved popping by the store almost every day for three weeks to film the fans queuing day and night to be the first in getting the new iPhone. Apple fans are usually well behaved, mostly funny and charming and slightly geeky. After a few days turning up to hear their daily stories about the night before, we established a warm connection and they started to get to know me as much as I go to know them. Many of those queuing for weeks became my camera operators in the making of this video and above all, we just had a lot of fun stopping people entering the Regents Street store and giving them a present they just didn’t want not even free: My old iPhone 3gs.

Having suffered constant nagging from friends about the state of my phone I decided I was going to give it away to an Apple fan, as it turns out, they are not into old pieces not even as a collectors item, these fans just want the latest, brightest and shiniest. My iPhone 3gs screen broke a few times, the answer button hardly worked and I had heard it all: Oh that phone is bringing you bad Karma, take it to a museum, you are a filmmaker how can you survive with that?.

So why then the empty barriers this year outside the Apple store?


Outside Apple’s Covent Garden store which is  the biggest in Europe, the amount  of people queuing for the just released iPhone wasn’t quite as big as expected from these launches. The metal barriers erected in front of the store were not full, as they were last year and the year before when I also made a video on the launch of the iPhone 5.

The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have an improved camera, quicker fingerprint scanner, faster processor and new pressure sensitive “3D Touch” screen,  but they essentially look the same as the iPhone 6 and 6Plus.

Reviews have been positive, except for the fact that Apple had failed to address a major problem for consumers: Battery life. It’s really not enough Tim Dearest! If I may, I will also add that Apple needs to get cracking from now until the launch of the iPhone 7 in creating an almost unbreakable glass as this is also a major and very expensive problem for a lot of users. Queuing overnight may have lost the allure it had when I filmed these videos but that was the way to guarantee being one of the first in the country to buy one. But why queuing when you can preorder the phone on Apple online store? Queuing is now a thing of  maybe those looking to flip the devices and sell them for a profit.

Oh and yes, in the end I did buy an iPhone 6, maybe I bought into the whole buzz surrounding me those weeks but Im actually quite happy with it.