Photo By Charlotte May/Pexels

There is nothing more beautiful in this planet than mother nature. Therefore when it comes to decorating a house or lifting a dull corner anywhere in a home, plants are the best option. Not only are they natural and look beautiful but they can also bring health benefits to our homes by purifying the air. 

Here is a selection of plants with air-purifying abilities. 

Snake Plant 

This robust plant releases oxygen at night and, according to NASA they can remove toxins from the air inside your home.During the winter, it can two months without watering but come spring or summer, it is best to water your snake plant every three weeks.Known for being almost indestructible, it can survive in either bright or dark corners of the house so it is a perfect plants for beginners. 

Money Plant

In the wild it grows in the deep shade of south-eastern Asian forests and as a houseplant, devil’s Ivy or Pothos plant, helps purify air polluted with synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions. They continue producing oxygen at night, unlike most other plants which produce carbon dioxide during those hours of the day. 

Dragon Tree

A popular houseplant from Madagascar in Africa. The Dragon Tree or Dracanea is a perfect plant for beginners as it can cope with a fair amount of neglect, but treat her well as the Dragon Tree also has air purifying abilities. Keep it away from direct sun exposure.

Monstera Plant

Native to Central America and well known of their natural leaf-holes, this beautiful plant will thrive in any light condition except direct sunlight. Ideally offer your monstera some shade, a bit of warmth and moisture. Aside form looking pretty anywhere you put it, it can also remove toxins from the air.

Parlor Palm

Chamadorea elegans, also known as Parlor Palm, needs little sunlight to survive and does not need much attention and care. Water the plant only when the soil is dry. 

Kentia Palm 

This plant also known as Howea Forsteriana is the perfect first plant as it requires little care and is capable of filtering and purifying stagnant air.

According to The Spruce, “you will get more foliage if they get soft, filtered light, so aim for at least six to eight hours a day”.